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Skin Renew BB Cream Soin Miracle Perfecteur

Skin Renew BB Cream Soin Miracle Perfecteur

Soin du visage tout-en-un de Garnier qui contribue à 5 bénéfices : hydrate, corrige les ridules et les imperfections, protège, unifie et illumine le teint.

Skin Renew BB Cream All-in-one Miracle Skin Perfector

Skin Renew BB Cream All-in-one Miracle Skin Perfector

An innovative formula for a brand-new total skincare

The formula of Garnier BB cream provides a brand-new global response: care and moisturising, sheer coverage and anti-UV protection. With BB cream, skincare becomes even more effective, practical and simple:

- A moisturising complex: the combination of Hyaluronic Acid in Lipidure Microspheres and Glycerin allows up to a twofold increase in the water held in the skin (compared with a 7% glycerol solution)
- An active ingredient dedicated to radiance: Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant properties and anti-free radical effect to boost the radiance and luminosity of the skin
-A protective barrier: the SPF15 UV filter protects skin from the effects of the sun.
-A light, comfortable texture: BB cream Miracle Skin Perfector is enriched with mineral pigments to delicately and immediately beautify skin. Its texture spreads flawlessly over skin and absorbs quickly to even out the complexion. It is available in 2 shades (Light and Medium) for a natural effect on every skin.


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