It’s a fact of life, most of us will find (and likely pluck!) our first grey hair before we’re 30. Basically, grey hair is hair that has lost its pigment and is coarser and more resistant to colour. That is just part of the aging process and it will happen to all of us. If you’re not ready for grey hair, the only thing that matters is finding the haircolour that will give you the results you want with absolutely no more greys.

Fortunately, scientists have been at this for a while and you can say goodbye to even the most stubborn greys—especially with formulas that guarantee 100% grey coverage. In fact, some of the newer haircolour formulas are enriched with fruit oils that nourish and protect as they colour.

Oh, and if you want to pluck out that first grey, may we suggest you put down the tweezers. While we can assure you that it won’t cause two more to grow in its place, plucking your hair out to spite your greys will eventually create a bald spot—not a good look… Our recommendation? Pick a colour!