If there is one step of our beauty routine that we want to simplify and improve, it is makeup removal. Many women even skip this skincare steps from time to time when they are too lazy for this irritating battle before going to bed! There is however a very simple way to incorporate makeup removal into your skincare routine, which will improve your skin’s appearance over time. Let’s start with the technique, since the way you remove your makeup has as much impact as the cleanser you use.

The makeup removal methods matter

Makeup removal shouldn’t resemble a battle! This is a time for taking care of your skin, of yourself. Facial cleansing methods are therefore very important. You should never rub the skin while removing your makeup: this could accelerate the skin aging process. This advice is even more true for the eye area: its delicate skin can easily be harmed and irritated. You should instead use gentle, soft movements, without rubbing or adding too much pressure while cleansing your face.

You should also avoid using tap water when you take your makeup off, since it contains chemical products, like chlorine, that dry the skin. Water breaks though the protective barrier of your face, and skin hydration is lost. That is what causes the unpleasant feeling of tightness and dryness. And if you have sensitive skin, it gets even worse: red spots appear.

The power of micellar water gives a clean and makeup-free face

Makeup experts recommend it: micellar water is THE solution for a clean face and a fresh skin complexion. It’s simple: you only need to stroke a cotton pad soaked with a few drops of micellar water gently on your face to remove makeup and impurities. No need to rub!

And then, no rinsing! Micellar water leaves your face clean and hydrated since the skin retains its natural oils. Because it doesn’t contain any irritating product but only purified water and micelles, it suits all skin types.

The micellar water technology is an effective makeup removal solution

It’s the micelles from the micellar water that make this makeup removal solution so effective. These small liquid crystals, which are molecular clusters, act like magnets with dirt: it is powerfully attracted by them and gets attached to them. That’s because a micelle is made of a “tail” and a “head”; the first attracts all the impurities that are on the face, and the second hydrates the skin.

To remove your makeup, opt for Garnier’s Micellar Water. Offered in Original, Sensitive Skin and All-in-one formulas, it creates results in a few seconds, as well as long-term effects on your skin complexion.