Just like other waterproof makeup products, waterproof mascara offers many advantages, the first one being that it stays on all day, no matter the situation. However (and you already know this), its biggest disadvantage is how difficult it is to remove.

Nevertheless, this type of mascara is really practical. Among other things, waterproof mascara is the best for swimming. Once you put it on, it stays on for many hours, and you don’t need to worry about smudges or running mascara.

Removing the tenacious, smudge proof and long lasting waterproof mascara

Yet we hesitate to wear waterproof mascara because it is very hard to remove; its best quality is also its biggest disadvantage! For instance, thickened lashes are more prone to falling, and eyes can get irritated from rubbing with makeup remover. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen ever again! There is now a quick and gentle solution to remove waterproof mascara. A miracle? Almost!

Micellar water the best waterproof makeup remover

Skincare experts have known about micellar water for a long time, but it has become more popular over the last twenty years. It removes everything so easily! It is without a doubt the best option for waterproof mascara. Your lashes won’t be affected, since you won’t have to rub the product on your sensitive eye area. It’s quite the opposite: applied on a cotton pad, it will glide softly over your skin and your lashes, picking up all makeup and excess dirt along the way.

Does this mean that Garnier’s Micellar Water for Waterproof Makeup [V1] is the perfect solution? Try it and see for yourself! The composition of micellar water was designed to attract makeup, dirt, and impurities; its action is often compared to a magnet. Your skin gets clean immediately, with no makeup residue. Also, it won’t ever lose its hydration, since this makeup removal solution doesn’t require any rinsing or rubbing.

Gently removing eye makeup

As it contains no oil or alcohol, just water and the important micelles, micellar water is the ideal makeup remover, especially for the eye area, where the skin is very delicate. This gentle solution leaves the skin clean and soothed, even the most delicate zones.

You can finally reintegrate waterproof mascara into your beauty routine, whether you’re on vacation or at the gym. Even better, you’ll be able to exchange your daytime makeup for evening makeup quickly: in a few seconds, your waterproof mascara will be gone, and your lashes will be ready for new makeup. All this through the power of micellar water!