Garnier’s Micellar Water wins new fans every day, since it properties make it a miracle product; perhaps you even use it already! But what is micellar water and where does it come from?

Parisian skincare secret

While we’re now using it more and more in America, micellar cleansing water has been a well-kept secret for a long time. It was first officially used in the 1900s in Paris where the traditional plumbing of water was not yet used. It gained immense popularity among French girls who cleansed and hydrated their skin without having the need to use the harsh tap water. So, might this product be the secret behind the famously radiant skin of the French women? Certainly!

The long-term use of this colloidal solution visibly improves complexion. Soft but effective, micellar water deeply cleanses without affecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The appearance of fine lines is then slowed down, which contributes to maintaining a natural skin glow.

A unique skincare formula

These benefits are due to the unique ingredients in micellar water. The solution consists of purified water and micelles in suspension. These small liquid crystals, which are in facts molecular clusters, are made up of a “head” and a “tail”. Swept way with a clean cotton pad, the micelles penetrate deep into the pores. The tails of the micelles attract and remove excess sebum and dirt like a magnet, whereas the head continues to move on and leaves skin soft and hydrated.

This is why you won’t ever have to rub the cotton pad on your skin, and why you’ll be so surprised to see the mascara disappear without leaving marks behind! And it is also why you don’t have to rinse your face afterwards. You immediately get a fresh, clean sensation, but without the feeling of tightness that usually comes with other facial cleansers.

The ally for healthy, radiant skin

It’s a fact: micellar water is the perfect choice if we want healthy skin! Because of its composition, it never affects the balance of the skin, because it doesn’t remove its natural oils.

It’s simple: the secret for healthy skin is hydration. When we clean our face with usual face wash and repetitive rubbing, the skin inevitably becomes dry. In other words, everything is removed, even the good components! Micellar water has the opposite effect: it removes deep-down impurities, but leaves what is beneficial for the skin. Now that’s a beauty secret we should all share!