The hype for natural skincare has never been stronger, and there’s a good reason why. Products that rule out additions of perfume, alcohol and dye are excellent to keep your complexion fresh, healthy. However, using organic products such as aloe, rose, green tea and honey can be difficult, as the later needs to be processed efficiently to be beneficial to the skin. Fortunately there is an alternative.

Enter micellar water, a solution that is based of micelles, minuscule oil molecules suspended in soft water. This natural product also does not contain any alcohol or fragrance.

What is micellar water?

The principle behind this cleansing and makeup removal solution is to attract and unclog all traces of dirt and impurities on your skin, deep within your pores. As its name suggests, micelles in purified water act as small magnets.

A micelle is a molecular cluster of small liquid crystals. Made up of a “head” and a “tail”, the micelles attract excess sebum while leaving the skin’s natural oils intact, which is essential to maintaining a fresh, hydrated complexion. Gently applied with a cotton pad, micellar water is a natural solution for cleansing your skin. Since it doesn’t upset the skin’s natural balance, it won’t dry it out. Moreover, micellar water is a non-rinse cleanser, meaning that you don’t need to expose your face with harsh tap water. By avoiding elements such as copper, chlorine and nickel to come in contact you’re your skin, you will end up with a significantly smoother and healthier complexion.

Removing long lasting, waterproof makeup: mistakes to avoid

Remember that rinsing is the first mistake when it comes to removing makeup! When you splash water on your face, you not only remove makeup, but also the necessary elements that keep your skin elastic, such as its natural moisture barrier and its natural oils. Without these protective elements, your skin is becomes irritated. Cleansing your face shouldn’t have that effect - it should instead restore the skin's natural balance and allow it to breathe freely again.

Another mistake with makeup removal is to leave some makeup behind. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to see everything that is left behind after using a regular cleanser! Makeup can cause spots and clogged pores.

Sensitive skin love micellar water.

You’ve probably guessed that Garnier Micellar Water is particularly suited for sensitive skin, since it doesn’t cause any irritation or tightness. After using it, your face is soft, hydrated, and refreshed.

This makeup removal solution is every girl’s skincare ally, whether your skin you have normal, oily or combination skin. This solution can also be used on the road: micellar water can easily fit in your luggage, and offer you a deep cleanse wherever you are, without having to use tap water.