Those who have sensitive skin will recognize themselves here… It can be very complicated and unpredictable! You can never know how it will react to a face cream, a foundation, a mask, a makeup remover, and the list goes on… But sensitive skin problems can be treated: we just need to respond adequately to its specific needs. For this, we need to follow three rules: limit the number of skincare products, nourish your skin’s moisture barrier, and choose a gentle face wash

1. Limit the number of skincare products

The problem with sensitive skin is that we never know how it will react. You have more than likely tried a moisturizer or foundation and ended up with an allergic reaction, redness and itchiness.

The most important thing is to limit, as much as possible, the number of different products that you apply. In your skincare routine, you should carefully choose a cleanser, a moisturizer and an exfoliant or toner, to limit external damage and allow your skin to maintain its natural balance.

2. Nourish your skin with natural oils and water-based products

The best protection for sensitive skin is its own natural oils. These are what keep it smooth and non-irritated. That’s why you should choose water-based products, which contain a high quantity of vitamins and antioxidants. Most importantly, you should choose a cleanser that is delicate enough to not strip your skin from its natural protective barrier. Which leads up to the next point...

3. Use a gentle, fragrance free and alcohol free cleanser to remove makeup

Micellar water is without question an amazing solution to cleanse sensitive skin. Easy to use, we simply apply it with a cotton pad. Forget rubbing, which irritates and harms the skin, and forget rinsing with harsh tap water, which strips your skin from its natural moisture! Don’t forget: sensitive skin must be protected against irritation at all times, and its natural balance should never be compromised.

Yes indeed, micellar water requires no rinsing! The water based solution does not leave an oily film on the skin and doesn’t affect its natural pH balance. Plus, it doesn’t contain any fragrance or alcohol. In other words, it is so beneficial for sensitive skin because it reacts as a natural, active substance that soothes and relieves skin while effectively removing foundation, powder makeup and tenacious mascara. If you are used to trying new products, you’ll realize right away that micellar water was made for your sensitive skin!