Sleeping with your makeup on? What it does to your skin and how to prevent it

You’ve been told many times, but you still do it: yes, sometimes, you go to bed without removing your makeup. However, even one night with your makeup on can result in problems. Here’s the whole truth about leaving your makeup on during the night.

Sleeping with eye makeup can lead to puffy eyes to serious infections

Whether you wear mascara, kohl, eyeliner or eye shadow, your eye makeup automatically causes irritation during the night, as it gets into the eyes, even when they are closed. It’s simply because of the natural rubbing effect! It’s why you wake up with puffy, irritated, reddened eyes. Mascara left on overnight can also lead to the loss of your eyelashes.

And it doesn’t stop there. Eye makeup can cause medical problems. If the products stay on your skin while you sleep, they can block the glands in your eyelids. The oil they contain can create a film on your ocular gland, and this is where the problems begin. This obstruction can not only create pain, but can also cause irrevocable damage requiring dermatological care.

Accelerating aging process and the appearance of wrinkles

It’s true—makeup can accelerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles if it is left on overnight! After everything you do to keep your skin young, isn’t it a shame to spoil it all through laziness before going to bed? In this case, foundations and primers are to blame, especially those with high-coverage and long-lasting formulas.

When left on overnight, foundation blocks your pores. This attracts dirt even more, and makes germs proliferate. Next morning, your skin is oily and dull: it didn’t get any rest! In certain cases, spots may even appear on the skin. One thing is for sure, you accelerate the aging process of your skin by not allowing it to breath. Fine lines and wrinkles appear faster since your skin breaks down.

Micellar water: remove tenacious makeup in a few wipes

To avoid all these complications, the only solution is to remove your makeup before going to bed! We have all gone straight to bed at least once without removing our makeup because we were too tired or lazy. Yet there’s a very quick way to get it done, which will take you just one minute every night: micellar water. Well known in France for a century, and a well-kept secret of makeup professionals, it melts away every last drop of makeup, without rubbing or rinsing. Miraculous? Yes, in a way!

It’s the composition of micellar water that makes it so effective: its micelles, made of molecules and oils, act as a magnet and absorb any bacteria that could cause fine lines and wrinkles. Simply sprinkle a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently stroke your face. Just one minute later, your face is makeup-free! A clean skin before going to bed is the key to a radiant glow; Garnier’s Micellar Water is a beauty go-to for lazy ladies and anyone in a hurry!