Micellar water has been kept a secret for the longest time in the skincare world, and will always be the favorite of makeup removers. Now that it is gaining in popularity, the number of fans keeps growing, and with good reason… It is so easy to use that it helps us save time, no matter our lifestyle! But, really, what is micellar water?

The science of micellar water

In a nutshell, micellar water is a colloidal solution made of micelles, which are tiny ball-shaped clusters of molecules and oils. This water is then used in different types of products, according to need. For example, the Garnier SkinActive range includes a cleansing Micellar Water forregular makeup, and another one for waterproof, long lasting makeup.

The basic principle of micellar water is its ability to lower surface tension: its micelles do not split. Micellar water draws the oils and dirt from your face like a magnet . This reaction means that no rubbing is needed, hence its gentleness on the skin. Just a simple, circular motion is required, leaving the skin perfectly clean.

Even though it has been gaining in popularity in the last few years, micellar water is anything but new! Its properties have been recognized by the French for more than a century. It was actually the result of research: it was developed by a team at Bristol University as early as 1913. It then became a cult product – and a well-kept secret – of models, photographers and makeup artists.

Miraculous? Yes! The action of the micelles melts and absorbs all traces of makeup and impurities. Note that it works on all areas of the face, including the sensible eye and lips area.

A flawless solution for makeup removal

To work, micellar water only needs to be applied on the skin with a cotton pad using a circular motion: no rinsing is necessary. So the skin does not lose its hydration, as it doesn’t have to be dampened beforehand. A moisturizer may be applied immediately after, leaving the skin radiant and smooth.

Moreover, micellar water may be applied safely to the eye area, since it contains no alcohol. And since it does not irritate your skin and eyes (on the contrary!), you can use it before bedtime and in the morning before applying makeup. In other words, whether your lifestyle is lazy or busy, it's the dream product for anyone!

Micellar water is, without a doubt, the biggest skincare secret unveiled in the last century. Its molecular properties make it a miracle product, even for the most sensitive skins! A scientific secret for a truly radiant skin.