If there is one skincare product that’s been talked about in the last few years, it is argan oil! It has anti-aging and antioxidant properties, and treats numerous skin problems such as eczema. It is also very effective when it comes to makeup removal. What gives argan oil all these properties?

Argan oil has sought-after nutrients for your skin and hair health

This oil comes from the argan, a Moroccan tree, and is extracted from its nuts. Amongst other things, argan oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids, including linoleic acid, as well as vitamins A and E. These elements are known for their benefits on the skin and hair. Tocopherols, which can be found in Vitamin E, improves skin cell production in particular, which is where the oil gets its antioxidant quality.

In addition, tocopherols, this time paired with linoleic acid, generate the modeling and elastic effect on the skin – hence the power of argan oil to treat eczema. These two elements have a healing action, offering the skin natural nutrients, which prevents skin irritation and helps reduce marks, including acne scars.

The Garnier’s Micellar Biphase All-in-one: a natural nourishing makeup remover

Combined, all the properties of argan oil make it a perfect addition to Garnier’s micellar water solution. The Micellar Biphase is composed of two phases: argan oil and micellar water. As a makeup remover, there’s no product as powerful! It even gets rid of the toughest long-wear makeup like waterproof mascara, without any rinsing. You only need to apply it on your skin with a cotton pad.

On the one hand, argan oil benefits the skin through hydration and nourishment , and on the other hand, micelles removes all dirt and impurities on the face. The result? Soft, perfectly clean skin, without an oily finish. Offered in a 400 ml format, in can be used every day, up to 200 times. The properties of argan oil will have a long-term effect on your skin. Since its natural ph balance is never lost, but unnecessary oils are removed, your skin develops a beautiful glow, and is left smooth. Furthermore, since its elasticity is preserved, fine lines are filled in, for a younger-looking skin.

Argan oil: an all-natural beauty habits

Incorporating argan oil into your skin care routine is without a doubt a good choice to prevent the skin’s cellular aging and to maintain a fresh, healthy skin complexion. Garnier’s creation of micellar water mixed with argan oil follows the logic of natural skin care, which soothes the skin without ever irritating it.

This makeup removal solution suits all skin types and is an ultra-efficient facial cleansing product for removing long-wear makeup easily, including waterproof mascara. Discover the beauty benefits of argan oil, in a gentle cleansing formula.