Is your curly hair staging a frizzy revolt? Don’t despair. Yes, you can get silky curly hair with soft and frizz-free curls. Follow these 10 tips to establish a perfect beauty routine for curly hair.

1- Fight hair dehydration with hair mask

Your frizzy curls are not demanding more freedom! They want water. In fact, dehydrated hair is hair whose cuticles (outer layer of the hair) are open, searching for water in the air. Adding a nourishing treatment, like a mask, to your beauty routine will do a world of good to close your cuticles and restore shine to your hair.

2-Limit the number of hair washes

You read that correctly. Wash your hair as little as possible, even if it’s greasy. Why? Because the shampoo removes the scalp’s natural oils, also called sebum, which protects, hydrates and nourishes hair cuticles. Unfortunately, the more you wash your hair, the more sebum you remove, the more your body produces it to counteract the dryness and capillary dehydration, making it oilier, so you wash it even more often. A true vicious circle! To re-establish the scalp balance, opt for gentle shampoos, replace your shampoo with a conditioner or better yet, skip a wash completely.

3- Be part of the shampoo free movement: the ‘No Poo’ Method

This method, not for the faint of heart (or the impatient), consists of not washing your hair with shampoo. The idea behind it is that the chemicals in shampoos remove the natural hair protector, its sebum. At first, just swap shampoo for baking soda or for a mixture of vinegar and essential oils. After a few months, simply wash your hair with water and comb it regularly to spread the natural oils on the whole length of the hair. The adepts of no poo swear that it gives them amazing, chemical- and itch-free hair.

4- Pick sulfate free and alcohol free shampoo

When it's time to buy a new bottle of shampoo, make sure to choose products without sulfate and alcohol, since both of these ingredients are sources of dehydration and dryness for your hair. While sulfate make shampoos foam, it also removes the natural oils that protect the hair, in addition to drying the scalp. The same goes for alcohol, which opens the hair cuticles, causing frizzy hair.

5- Replace the blow dryer

Letting your hair air dry is THE best method for drying it. It limits the damage caused by the heat of the hair dryer, which dries and dehydrates the hair (so do flat irons and curling irons). Ideally, use microfibre towels to wring and gently wipe your hair.

In a hurry or addicted to your hair dryer? Use a diffuser, which allows a better dispersion of heat. As soon as you see frizziness appear, turn off your dryer and refine the curve of your curls with your fingers.

6- Opt for an ammonia free hair dye

The chemicals contained in hair dye, especially ammonia, are very draining for your hair. Ammonia opens hair cuticles to anchor the dye, but in doing so, it dehydrates the hair fiber. Find ammonia-free dyes or add oil to your dye to limit its damaging effects. Your hair will thank you.

7- Comb your hair with fingers of large tooth comb

While detangling your knots, you will definitely break your hair and ruin your curls. The best approach for your curly locks is to comb them after getting out of the shower, using your fingers or a large tooth comb.

8-Find products with natural oils: argan, olive, avocado, coconut oils for hair

Hard to choose among all those shampoos? Opt for simplicity and for hair products that favour natural ingredients such as avocado oils, coconut oils or shea and cocoa butter. These active ingredients are rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and help nourish, protect and hydrate the hair. As a bonus, they leave a protective film on the hair that allows to seal the hydration within the hair fiber. Coconut and avocado oils are those that sink faster and deeper into the cuticle, without leaving any greasy residues on the strands.

9-Food for healthy hair

A healthy diet makes for healthy hair! Be sure to incorporate foods rich in proteins, fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9) and vitamins into your diet to ensure the health of your scalp and hair. And don’t forget to keep your body well hydrated by drinking 1.5 to 2L (6 to 8 cups) of water a day.

10- Use cold water for the final rinse

Have you read that finishing your shower with a stream of cold water is good for toning and firming the skin? The same goes for hair. Once you have washed your hair with lukewarm water, give it a final rinse with cold water. It will close the cuticles of the hair, thus making it shinier and less frizzy.


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