The perfect mix of brown & blonde, for a new trendy mane.

Do you find your blonde hair too high-maintenance, or your brown locks too flat? You can now get the best of both worlds, thanks to the new bronde trend.  

What is Bronding?

Like so many trendy news fashion and beauty expressions, “bronde” is simply a mix of the words “brunette” and “blonde”. By blending the two hair colours, you get a flattering, natural-looking shade that looks good with all skin colours.

Getting bronde hair is super easy, no matter what your current hair colour is. If you have a dark brown base colour, layer honey and platinum blonde highlights to create a bright and bold look. If your hair is blonde, add darker shades for a more sophisticated blend. Add layers to your haircut for ultimate results, and play with different hairstyles, like fish braids and ponytails, to reveal the richness of your new colour.

Can Everyone Wear Bronde Hair?

Bronde is one of the few hair colours that can be worn by everyone, no matter their complexion. To rock this trend, you simply need to choose the right shade for you, depending on your skin tone.

People with light skin should go with colder tones; think of ashy light browns and silver blondes. Choosing these colder shades will enhance their natural complexion and result in a multi-level mane.

Golden shades will look fabulous on darker skin. Honey, caramel, toffee . . . add touches of those yummy colours to your locks to bring shine and depth to your colour, while brightening your skin and give you a bright glow.

How do you Take Care of Bronde Hair?

The best part of having bronde hair? It’s super low maintenance—for real! Because the colour is applied on your lengths and not at the roots, the result is very natural; no need to spend all your time at the salon or to redo your colour every month.

To keep your colour vibrant and shiny, make sure to use the Fructis Color Shield shampoo and conditioner. Also, keep in mind that your colour will vary from season to season: in the summer, your locks will lighten, and in the winter, your colour might become a bit dull. Furthermore, lighter shades tend to look flat and unhealthy. That’s why it’s very important to nourish your hair by using a hair mask once a week. You should also apply your favourite oil on your hair after washing it to keep it hydrated and nourished. This way, you’ll always have shiny locks!

The Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Bronde Collection

Thanks to its customized colouring technology, the Nutrisse Ultra Color Bronde Collection (Light Bronde – B3, Medium Bronde – B2 and Dark Bronde – B1) reveals expressive colours and highlights, even on naturally dark hair. Its intensifying formula offers a bright, vibrant colour. The rich colouring cream deeply seals the pigments in the hair fibre, for a long, durable stay. Plus, Nutrisse’s mix of avocado, olive and shea oils offers a rich nutrition and high levels of hydration, which is the key to keeping your locks shiny and soft. It also allows your hair to maintain a deep, vibrant colour while protecting them from drying until your next colour.

Ready to get your blonde or brown hair to the next level? Embrace the bronde trend with the new Nutrisse Ultra Color Bronde Collection! You’ll get nourished, healthy hair, a rich and multidimensional colour, and long-lasting results! What will your shade of bronde be?