Dare to go for a vibrant, modern shade of purple.

Need to add a little bit of colour in your life? In the mood for a beauty experiment? How about going purple? This new daring trend will surely make all heads turn and give you a boost of confidence!

How do you Find the Right Shade for you?

With so many shades of purple available on the market, it can be hard to find the right one for you. Keep in mind that unless you are ready to use bleach to get your dream hair, you should take the time to choose the right shade for you according to your current hair colour.

To get optimal results, brunettes should go for a deeper, warmer shade of purple; that way, the colour will pop, even if their hair is darker. Those with blonde locks are in luck: since their base is lighter, they have more options available to them. They can, for example, experiment with pastel colours, like lilac or lavender.

You should also think of how your colour will fade over time. That’s especially true for natural blondes or for bleached hair: if your colour is too blue, because of your golden-blonde base, it might fade to a weird shade of green, which probably isn’t the result you want. True violet colours, for their part, will fade to a gorgeous pastel, then to a silver tone. That way, you’ll always have an amazing hair colour at every stage of your transformation!

How do you Take Care of Your Colour?

Fun colours like purple look amazing; however, they are extremely high-maintenance and usually don’t last long, as they contain less pigment, which means they wash out more quickly. It can be difficult to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant . . . but it’s possible! You simply need to use the right products and keep a few things in mind.

First of all, you should avoid washing your hair too often, which causes the colour to rinse out a lot sooner. Try to wash it only once or twice a week, using the Fructis Color Shield shampoo. Staying out of the sun and wearing a hat when you go outside is also a good way to keep your colour from fading too fast. Moreover, avoid swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean; it can be hard if you are going on vacation, but your colour will thank you!

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color’s Deep Violet Collection

Thanks to its customized colouring technology, the Nutrisse Ultra Color Purple & Violet Collection reveals expressive colours and highlights, even on naturally dark hair. Its intensifying technology offers a bright, vibrant colour. The rich colouring cream deeply seals the pigments in the hair fibre, for a long, durable stay. Plus, Nutrisse’s mix of avocado, olive and shea oils offers a rich nourishment. Its unique formula allows your hair to keep a deep colour while protecting them from drying until your next colour. Ultra Color’s formulas are made to work better on dark bases, for eight weeks of nourished hair, and a more vibrant color.

Dare to go purple with the new Nutrisse Ultra Color Purple & Violet Collection! You’ll get hydrated, nourished hair and a bold, vibrant colour for eight weeks. No matter your hair colour, your complexion or your style, there is a shade of purple for you! What are you waiting for? Add some colour to your life with Nutrisse Ultra Color!