Get a winning mane with the new ronze trend.

Have you always wanted to have red hair, but you worried it might not look good on you, or that it wouldn’t look natural? The ronze trend proves you can wear red shades in a delightfully natural way.

What is Ronze?

Hugely popular in Hollywood and all over the catwalks, “ronze” is a mix of copper red and bronze brown; think of it as a bold take on the bronde (brunette and blonde) trend. Its growing popularity is mainly due to the fact that it needs less maintenance than bright reds, but it more has dimension than browns. Plus, ronze brightens up your complexion and looks fabulous on everyone! That explains why more and more celebrities are choosing to brighten up their mane by going ronze!

Why Choose Ronze?

A great benefit of ronze hair is that it is easier to maintain than true reds, which have a reputation for fading extremely fast because they contain fewer colour pigments than other shades. Sunlight, shampoo and chlorinated water can also affect your hair colour and make it disappear too quickly. That is why these colours demand a lot of care and need to be redone way more often, which demands extra time and money.

Since it’s closer to brown shades, ronze needs slightly less upkeep. Shades of copper tend to stick a bit better, because you’re not trying to fight as much colour into your hair every day as with red shades. That being said, you should use the Fructis Color Shield shampoo and conditioner to keep your colour vibrant and healthy-looking, and make sure that it will last as long as possible.

Also, ronze is a more wearable colour, and it looks fresher and more natural than orange-based coppers and blue-based reds. This shade is more of a mixed tone—a little deeper and softer, but still intense and bold. It’s a perfect compromise for those who want a change but don’t want to commit to a high-maintenance, original colour.

How do you Choose the Right Shade of Ronze for you?

Good news: whatever your complexion, there is a shade of ronze that will work for you. That’s what makes it so popular!

If you have dark skin, go for a deep, blue-based colour that will compliment your complexion. Ronze with notes of gold is perfect for anyone with a medium, warmer skin tone, or a natural tan. People with fair skin should go bold with a vibrant red shade, as most redheads have fair skin.

The New Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color’s Ronze Collection

Thanks to its customized colouring technology, the Nutrisse Ultra Color Ronze Collection reveals expressive colours and highlights, even on naturally dark hair. Its intensifying technology offers a bright, vibrant colour. The rich colouring cream deeply seals the pigments in the hair fibre, for a long, durable stay. Plus, Nutrisse’s mix of avocado, olive and shea offers a rich nutrition. Its unique formula allows your hair to keep a rich, deep colour while protecting them from drying until your next colour.

Ready for a new bold, vibrant hair colour? Make all heads turn with the all-new Nutrisse Ultra Color Ronze Collection. You’ll get healthy, nourished hair, and red-hot results that will last for weeks, even on dark hair! It’s time to make a change; dare to go ronze with Nutrisse Ultra Color!