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1Pony Up

Start by side parting your hair and bringing it into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

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Secure with an elastic.

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Wrap the pony tail around the elastic, creating a lose bun.

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Use a bobby pin to secure and customize your look.

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Set the look with Fructis Hold & Flex Frizz Control hairspray. You can also pull out a few strands around the face to make the look more romantic.

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Other looks

  • FishtailBraidsHeader-md

    Fishtail Braid

    Start by creating a mohawk section at the top of your hair and clip aside.

  • BraidedCrownHeader-md

    Braided Crown

    Begin by sectioning the hair from behind the ear on both sides.

  • HalfUpBunHeader

    Half Up Bun

    Few hairstyles can pass as practical and cute like a bun can. Try out the trendy Half Up Bun in only 5 st...