Grow Strong

Weak tresses giving you a serious hair-ache?

Garnier’s new paraben-free Fructis Grow Strong line – featuring shampoo, conditioner, Strength Activator Serum, and Fortifying Mask – is fortified with Apple Extract and Ceramide to bring back life to every inch of your hair as it grows. With each wash, your hair becomes stronger – 10X stronger –shinier and healthier.

An Apple a Day

We all know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but did you know apples are also saviors when it comes to your hair? Full of vitamins and minerals, apples contain large concentrations of collagen, a natural amino acid that plays a major role in renewing cells and maintaining hair’s strength. As it turns out, an apple a day keeps your hair care woes at bay too!

Understanding Ceramide

While you may have heard the term ceramide referenced in skincare products, the naturally occurring oil is an important component of many restorative hair care products as well. So, what is ceramide, exactly?
Ceramide is one of three types of oils that can be found inside the cuticle of your hair – it acts as a stronghold to keep tresses intact. Hair strength, moisture, shine, smoothness, and resistance to external elements all rely on ceramide, so this naturally occurring oil is kind of a big deal.

Grow Strong in a Snap

Using Garnier’s new paraben-free Fructis Grow Strong line, tresses will feel stronger, healthier, and shinier. Our exclusive formula fortified with Apple Extract and Ceramide will make every inch of hair 10X stronger.