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Discover the perfect Garnier micellar cleansing water for you.

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Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water for Oily Skin Micellar Cleansing Water for Oily Skin

Discover Garnier's All-In-1 Mattifying Micellar Water. No rinse or harsh rubbing, it cleanses, removes makeup & mattifies. Perfect for oily & sensitive skin.


How To Use:

Achieve a matte, oil-free complexion effortlessly. 

1) Simply apply a small amount onto a pad. Press and hold for 5 seconds to draw out impurities.
2) Gently swipe without harsh rubbing over your face, eyes, and lips
3) Makeup, dirt, oil, SPF and other impurities are gone.
4) Get the deep cleanse your skin deserves!

The quick-drying, no-rinse formula ensures a hassle-free application, perfect for those on the go or for simplifying your morning and evening routines. Enjoy a fresh, matte finish that lasts.



Product Info:

Our All-In-1 Mattifying Micellar Water is specially formulated to meet the needs of oily and sensitive skin. By combining the efficiency of Micellar technology with a mattifying effect, it cleanses away impurities, removes makeup, and controls shine in one simple step. The no-rinse, gentle formula makes it easy and convenient to maintain a clean, matte finish throughout the day. Incorporate it into your skincare routine for a visibly clearer, shine-free complexion.

Environmental and Social Impact

Garnier is committed to continually improving the environmental and social impact of our products throughout the product life cycle. This includes making improvements during the production and in-use phases. We are also committed to providing you with access to this data with full transparency to help you make more informed choices about the products you choose and this is why we're launching a Product Impact Labelling System.

In order to be transparent, the methodology has been designed with the help of independent scientific experts and the data verified by independent auditor, Bureau Veritas.

To find out more about how we assess the Overall Environmental Impact of our products, see more information below.

Overall Environmental Impact

Compared to other similar L'Oreal Groupe Products sold worldwide in 2020

Carbon Footprint

g(1) per usage dose

g per 10mL

Water footprint

(2) Per usage dose

per 10mL

This impact score is based on the simulated usage of 1 product and 4 refills.

Manufacturing Conditions

Made in a responsible manufacturing plant

Waste Recovery:

Renewable Energy :


Environmental Impact of the Packaging

% of cardboard/paper certified FSC® or PEFC:

(4) (3):

(5) (4) :

Refillable or rechargeable :

Social impact of the product

The ingredients and components of this product are sourced from suppliers committed to respecting the fundamental principles of the UN on labor standards

To learn more about our evaluation methodology and what we're doing to improve our environmental and social impact, click on the link below.

No Hidden Nasties.

Specially formulated with no oil, sulfates, fragrance, parabens, or alcohol - it's all in the micelles that work like magnets to gently lift away excess dirt, oil, and makeup. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive so you can enjoy a clean complexion with no harsh rubbing or rinsing.