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We’ve Got Your Brunette Needs Covered

Whether you want to go lighter, darker or add highlights, use The Shade Selector to pick from our shades of brown hair colour then apply colour like a pro following our easy, at-home tips.

Tips for Brown Hair Colour

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Complement Cool Skin

Does silver look better against your skin than gold? Do you tend to look best in greens, purples, and blues? Do you burn easily in the sun? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you likely have a cool skin tone. (Cool!) To best flatter your complexion, skip hair colors with "warm" or "golden" in the name or description and instead choose tones described as "neutral," "reflective," or "ash."

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Flatter Warm Skin

If you tan easily, and gold jewelry, bold reds, or earth tones flatter your skin most, you probably have a warm complexion. (Hot!) To best complement your skin, avoid shades described as "neutral" or "platinum" and go for colors with "warm" and "golden" in the name or description.