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Ultralight high body protection. this quick absoption lotion is hypoallergenic and water resistant for 80 minutes. 

Ombrelle Body Sunscreen: Find Your Sun Protection. Does sunscreen prevent tanning?

Enjoying the sun on a hot summer day is one of the greatest pleasures for many people. Whether you are lying on the beach or by the pool, sunscreen is a must-have to protect your skin from the UV rays. We can’t insist enough on the importance of protecting your skin when going in the sun. Some people are capable of anything to get that perfect sun-kissed look, but even a great tan is not worth damaging your skin. One of the biggest myths about sunscreen is that you can’t get a tan. Likewise, thinking that having a base tan will be enough to prevent you from a sunburn is wrong. You need sunscreen at all time, preferably SPF 50 or higher. Tanning is a reaction of the skin to help your body from getting sunburns. When your skin is exposed to UV rays, it produces melanin, a natural pigment found in the body. People with fair skin have cells that produce less melanin and are more susceptible to burn. If the cells produce more melanin, it means that the skin can get darker and that reduces the risk of burning. Just remember that getting a tan doesn’t protect you from sun damage such as skin cancer. Protecting your entire body with a sunscreen for summer is essential, even if you are in the shade or on a cloudy day. Clouds can’t protect your skin against UV rays. It’s important to cover your entire body with a SPF 30 or higher lotion and to reapply many times during the day. Also, if swimming, make sure to use a water resistant sunscreen. You might not feel your skin burning, but water reflects the UV rays and makes it dangerous to swim unexposed. Shop for Ombrelle 100% Mineral SPF 50+, a water resistant sun protection lotion formulated for sensitive skin.

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