When we think of long-lasting makeup, we first think of how long it will last. Of course, this type of makeup is ideal in many ways; it remains impeccable all day, and among other things, it doesn’t stain. Its application and removal are however very different from regular makeup. Since long-lasting makeup covers more and adheres deeply to your face, you must protect your skin, even if you use quality beauty products. Here’s how to use and clean long-lasting foundation and waterproof mascara, in two easy steps.

1. Prep the skin with a hydrating moisturizer
It is very important to prep – or protect – your skin before applying long-lasting foundation or eye makeup. Your face must be clean, and you should take the time to apply a moisturizer and let it penetrate the skin. This will act as a protection layer for the skin and avoid a “plaster” effect.

Avoid splashing your face with cold water before applying long-lasting foundation: you will end up with a crackled effect! When it dries, this type of makeup creates a “shell”, so it should be applied on a moisturized skin that breathes freely.

2. Remove makeup with an argan oil-based micellar cleanser
It is during makeup removal that long-lasting foundation, mascara, lipstick and eye makeup cause problems. It doesn’t want to leave the skin! We then end up with a couple of clumpy lashes, spots here and there, and lipstick stain on the towel.

To remove your long-lasting makeup, without hesitation opt for Garnier’s Micellar bi-phase All-in-one, whether it is for your eyes, your lips or your whole face. It contains argan oil, the key natural ingredient for removing waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipsticks and powders easily. This first phase melts the makeup, making it easier to remove. The second phase of this solution involves micelles, active cleansing agents that attract dirt and makeup – a revolutionary concept in the beauty world.

Once mixed, these two phases become active, and they dissolve makeup. Never has makeup removal been so quick and easy! The reason is that this micellar solution doesn’t need to be rinsed off. The makeup remover is applied gently, without rubbing, with a cotton pad. And it is the only makeup removal product you will need, since it takes off everything: foundation, lipstick, and even waterproof mascara.

Thus, you will clean your skin deep down into the pores, without harming and irritating it. That is why the Micellar Bi-Phase is recommended for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Try it, and you’ll see the result! Your skin will be silky, fresh, hydrated just as if it had never worn any makeup.