Maybe you were born blonde or you’re simply looking for the best way to colour grey hair at home while appearing like you’ve done nothing at all. It is possible to choose a shade of blonde that works for your style, skin tone and eyes. Here are 5 excellent tips to find your perfect shade of blond, whether you have cool skin tone, warm skin tone or simply prefer light blonde to dark.

STEP 1: Determine your skin’s undertones.

Remove your makeup and observe your skin with a mirror in natural light. If your skin appears pink or red, your skin undertone is cool. If your skin appears peach, olive green or golden, your skin undertone is warm. If you don’t see any specific undertones, your skin tone is neutral and you can pull off just about anything.

STEP 2: Have cool undertones? Try a neutral or ashy blonde if you want natural-looking hair colour. Avoid golden hues.

Neutral blonde

Not golden and not ashy either, a neutral blonde in a light, medium or dark tone is a flattering hair color for many women—especially those that have pink undertones.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Dark Natural Blonde 70

Baby blonde

Think of a little blonde, blue-eyed girl sitting by the window in a party dress. Her curls gleaming in a beam of sunlight. Baby blonde is a medium shade of blond that has that kind of pretty innocence.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Natural Blonde 80

Dark ash blonde

Natural blonde hair tends to darken with age to the point where it walks a fine line between dark blonde and light brown. If you want to have blonde hair, but don’t want anything too flashy, dark ash blonde is the shade for you.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Dark Ash Blonde 71

STEP 3: Have warm undertones? Try golden blondes and skip ashy shades.

Golden blonde

Crave a beachy, surfer girl hair? A medium golden shade is the perfect hair color for you and will complement a tan.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Golden Blonde 83

Creamy blonde

Light and soft, creamy blonde—also known as buttery blonde—is a mix of white and golden blonde tones. It’s the ideal match for women with warm skin tone who love a high-fashion vibe.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Very light ash blonde 10.1

With Garnier Nutrisse Cream, you’ll have 100 percent grey coverage—even for your most stubborn greys—and rich, multi-tonal, healthy-looking blonde hair over eight weeks. Natural ingredients such as grape-seed oil nourish hair during colouring, restoring it to a better condition that allows the colour to shine through as it does in its natural state. Use the nourishing triple oil conditioner, made with a blend of avocado, olive and shea oils to protect your hair against dryness until the next time you colour.