Yes, it’s totally possible to look like you were born a redhead. To make it happen, you need to follow these three simple steps:

1. Pick a shade that suits your skin’s undertones—cool (pink), warm (gold, olive or peach) or neutral (no obvious undertones).
2. Choose a hair color that suits your personality.
3. Use a hair dye that will give you radiant color, maintain nourished hair and cover stubborn greys at home.

Wondering which hue is for you? Here are 5 pro tips to helping you discover your perfect hair color.

Hair with red undertones

If you want to tiptoe into the red hair realm, start with a rich medium brown that reflects red in the light. This hair color works best on women who have naturally light brown to black hair and warm undertones in their skin.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Golden Mahogany Brown 535

Pale copper hair

Similar to strawberry blonde or rose gold hair, except darker, pale copper is a good choice for women that want a natural red shade with orange undertones. This hair color suits women with light to medium skin tones—ideally with neutral or warm complexions—and medium blonde to dark brown hair.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Light Natural Copper 641

Light auburn hair

Prepare to turn some heads. This eye-catching bright hue that skews more red than copper works well for anyone with hair color on the lighter side—light blonde to medium brown. Choose it if you like being in the spotlight and have cool or neutral skin.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Intense Light Red 660

Deep auburn hair

Another red that walks the line between red and brown, deep auburn is incredibly versatile, which makes it perfect for the woman who thinks she can’t pull off red hair color—especially if she has olive undertones and hair that’s on the medium to dark side (dark blonde to darkest brown). That said, fair skin women with pink undertones can actually pull off this shade as well.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Reddish Brown 56

Burgundy hair

Another hit for women with dark hair, but this time with cool skin tones. Deep burgundy hair with purple undertones is ideal for women who have medium brown to black hair. Especially on naturally dark hair, you’ll achieve a tinge of berry without making an overwhelming, unnatural color change. Plus, deep red hair is incredibly sexy.

Try: Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Deep Burgundy 42

With Garnier Nutrisse Cream, you’ll have 100 percent grey coverage—even for your most stubborn greys—and rich, multi-tonal, healthy-looking red hair over eight weeks. Natural ingredients such as grape-seed oil nourish hair during coloring, restoring it to a better condition that allows the color to shine through as it does in its natural state. Use the nourishing triple oil conditioner, made with a blend of avocado, olive and shea oils to protect your hair against dryness until the next time you color.