How to Color Stubborn Grey Hair

There is nothing more frustrating than to discover grey hairs soon after dyeing your hair. Follow these simple rules to ensure color lasts and to keep those pesky grey hairs at bay.

On Monday, you dye your hair in an attempt to cover those stubborn grey hairs. A few days later, you notice that your grey hair is exposed once again.
Rest assured, this happens to everyone, especially brunettes as white hairs present a great contrast against the dark, pigmented hair. No, you're not lousy at hair coloring, nor are you endowed with white hairs that have super-resistant powers. Follow these tips to effectively color your stubborn grey hairs.

Tackle the problem at the source. If you have more than 50% grey hair that you want to cover, you will need a permanent hair color that guarantees 100% grey coverage. If you want to ensure a higher concentration of dyes, look for color numbers that end with double zeros, such as no. 400, 500 and 600 with Nutrisse.

Take your time. In our overloaded schedules, it's not always easy. But if you're going to do something, do it well. This is especially important for hair coloring.

Be strategic. Start by coloring where grey hairs are most visible: your temples and hair part. This way, you will be more careful, less in a hurry to finish, and it gives extra setting time to these areas.

Apply yourself. Chi va piano va sano, as the Italians would say. Slowly but surely. Follow this principle by coloring your hair section by section.

Respect or prolong the setting time. Did you know that not giving hair dye enough setting time is often the #1 cause of stubborn grey hair? If your grey is stubborn, increase the setting time by 5 minutes to allow the pigments to penetrate the core of the hair fibre.

Massage in. Once your hair color is applied, massage your scalp with your gloves to ensure the mixture covers every strand of hair. Repeat the same steps as you wash the hair dye out in the shower.

Eliminate intermediaries. Ensure that no residual – including styling products – remain on your temples or at the root of your hair before you dye your hair. These substances can create a barrier between the hair dye and your hair. It is ideal to shampoo your hair 24 to 48 hours in advance to deposit the pigments on clean hair.