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Green is our science

At Garnier we believe green sciences will power the future of beauty, enabling us to create products and formulas with proven efficacy for all of us and minimal impact on the planet.

What are the Green Sciences?

Green Sciences are advanced scientific processes (such as biotechnology) and at Garnier we aim to use these green sciences to develop products and formula which have:

  • Proven efficacy for all of us: products which are truly effective delivering powerful performance.
  • Minimal impact on the planet: from the sustainable supply of raw materials to formulation, products that work with reduced impact on the planet.

How are Green Sciences related to Green Beauty?

Green Beauty is Garnier’s step-by-step journey to greater sustainability throughout our value chain: from the sourcing of our ingredients to the end of life of our products, making our industrial sites carbon-neutral, and using as much recycled-or renewable materials as possible. Green sciences are part of this journey, we know from our annual global #ONEGREENSTEP survey that 83% of people want to be more sustainable, yet only 5% are taking action everyday. This tells us that we need to deliver products - which deliver powerful performance, while respecting the planet - Green Sciences enable us to do this and are therefore an important part of our overall purpose: Green Beauty for all of us.


Towards Greener Sciences and Formulas

At Garnier, our sustainable core beliefs drive our experts, scientists and our labs to select greener, high-performance actives (like Vitamin Cg obtained by green transformation) and create smart formulas with proven efficacy and the lowest possible environmental impact.

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Garnier commits to Green Beauty

As a leading global beauty brand, we aspire to create a positive impact by paving the way towards more and more sustainable beauty that is accessible to all of us.

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