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We've Got Your Everyday Care Needs Covered

Protect your hair from the dry-out daily shampooing can cause with these tips from our pros.

Daily Tips for Your Hair Type & Lifestyle


Normal Hair

If your hair isn't dry, damaged, or prone to frizz, you may not have to shampoo daily. Still, condition every day to help keep your strands strong.

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Oily Hair

If your hair gets too greasy to miss a daily wash, choose a shampoo that cleanses gently.

Active Lifestyle

If you rarely miss the gym, go with a hydrating shampoo that locks in the moisture you lose from extra washing after sweaty workouts.

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Everyday Care 101


triple nutrition keep hair hydrated

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Maintain your hair's moisture with hydrating shampoos and leave-in conditioners.

Adjust Your Routine to the Weather & Season

Go heavier on moisturizing products in the winter, and use lighter weight oils and leave-in-conditioners to protect hair from summer sun, salt water, and chlorine. 

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Ward Off Damage with Oils

Protect strands from the stress of brushing and styling by using products infused with plant-based oil extracts like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil that can be formulated to help smooth.