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We've Got Your SPF Needs Covered

SPF, aka Sun Protection Factor, is a crucial defense against UV damage, signs of aging, and skin cancer--that's why the numbers on SPF products indicate the level of protection you'll get. (An SPF 15 will protect your skin from burning 15 times longer than if you wore no sunscreen.) With tips straight from our pros, we'll guide you through your options so you can choose the SPF that's right for your skin.   

SPF 101


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SPF Prevents Dark Spots

The sun causes freckles, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. Applying a broad spectrum SPF (15 or higher) to your skin daily prevents the appearance of these sun spots.

SPF Can Expire

Depending on the expiration date, and how you store it, SPF can degrade over time. Keep your products out of direct sunlight, and make sure to replace SPFs that are past their sell by date or if the consistency and smell has started to change. 

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