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Important Sun Facts

The sun can penetrate water up to 30 metres

To completely protect your entire body, we recommend using 2 tablespoons of sunscreen (approximately the size of a golfball)

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UVA causes long term damage and contributes to premature aging and skin cancer.
UVB causes skin surface damage such as sunburns

Of All UV Rays
penetrate through the clouds

Not all sunscreens are created equal

Garnier Ombrelle The sun made safer


Ombrelle was created by Canadian Dermatologists, and continues to be a recognized sun protection by the Canadian Dermatology Association.


To ensure your sunscreen protects you from UVA rays (which cause long-term damage and contribute to premature aging and skin cancer), look for products with the new UVA mark.


Ombrelle's patented formulation of Mexoryl technology, and other sunscreen filters provides more complete coverage against all UV rays.