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5 Hair Colour Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

5 Hair Colour Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

If you’ve started to feel like your natural hair color (and natural grey hairs!) have started to add years to your face or you can’t get away with the same shades as in your 20s, you’re not alone. It’s true that certain dye jobs, including dramatic colors and chunky highlights, simply don’t work as our hair and skin becomes drier and more fragile with age. But it’s nothing to get your locks in a knot over! You can still look fabulous, natural and years younger with these simple tips.

Choose a shade that’s close to your natural color

Were you born a blonde? As we get older, it becomes harder to fake a hair color that strays too far from our natural hue. If you were golden blonde as a child, stick within the light gold to medium golden brown hair colors. If you have naturally brown-black locks, don’t try for more than two or three shades lighter.

Skip harsh hues

Black, platinum, shocking red or vibrant pink: teens and young adults may be able to pull of these striking shades, but they can age the complexion and make skin appear washed out. They can also damage aging hair (read: fragile hair) and brittle hair are never a good look.

Add richness and depth to dark hair

Want to remain a brunette? It’s best to steer clear of very dark tones unless you have a naturally dark complexion, as these can accentuate skin imperfections, look too opaque and highlight grey hair and hair regrowth. Opt instead for chocolate brown or caramel hair and don’t be afraid to experiment; make the most of home hair coloring by playing with trendy balayage or ombré styles to create layered, multidimensional color. Just make sure you don’t leave your dye on too long, otherwise your hair can become oversaturated and your results may be much darker than what works for your age and skin tone.

Nourish your hair

Always choose an at-home hair dye that promises hydration and nourishment. Garnier Nutrisse Cream is specially formulated to give your hair rich, radiant, healthy-looking color, while providing 100% grey hair coverage, even on your most stubborn greys. Enriched with grapeseed oil, this long-lasting hair cream replenishes oils while it colors so that your mane stays radiant week after week. It also comes with a nourishing triple oil hair conditioner that has a blend of avocado, olive and shea oils to provide rich nourishment. The unique formula protects against dryness until the next time you color.