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5 Hair Dye and Coloration Benefits of Grey Hair

5 Hair dye and coloration benefits of gray hair

Wondering how to choose the best anti-aging hair colour to cover your grey hair and get the best results? You can't go wrong with these five easy tricks.

  1. Colour with a permanent formula

It’s no secret. If more than 50% of your hair is grey and you want to cover it, no more tone on tone formula. It's time to get serious with permanent hair colour. It's designed to cover grey hair and give long-lasting results. Because if you're going to colour your hair, you might as well enjoy it for six to eight weeks, right? 

  1. Track down the formula that guarantees 100% coverage of grey hair

You don't want to cover your white hair just a little. You want to cover them ALL, to not leave one behind and, if possible, to admire the results for more than just a week. There are several formulas on the market. Look at the boxes in the aisles and take only those that guarantee a 100% coverage. And while you're at it, take two boxes. You wouldn't want to run out of hair colour half way through.

  1. Double the hair colour

If you have the impression that your grey hair is endowed with super stubborn powers, rest assured. It's impossible. But this may mean that you should double the hair colour in your formula. In the Nutrisse line, look for colour creams whose numbers end with double zeros such as colours 400, 500 and 600. These rich shades of espresso contain more pigments and are very effective against grey.

  1. Apply like a pro

To stand victor against grey hair, it is also necessary to apply the hair colour correctly. As a good student, be careful, follow the steps and setting time. But if you had to remember three things to improve your application technique and get the grey out, here they are:

- Make sure your hair is free of styling product or make-up residues. They can create a barrier that prevents the pigments from properly penetrating the core of the hair fibre.

- Always start with the areas that are most visible such as the temples and the top of the head. You will be certain to have eliminated as much grey hair as possible and this will give an extra time for the pigments to settle.

- Work the emulsion: it ensures a more uniform application, a better white coverage and... a more radiant colour.

  1. Prolong the setting time.

Want to get rid of stubborn greys? So, for once, you have the right to cheat. Add an additional five minutes to your hair colour's setting time. This will allow the pigments to penetrate to the core of the hair fibre. And remember, as after each hair colour, wait 48 hours before shampooing. You really want to give the pigments time to settle so that you can admire the results for weeks to come.

When grey hair begins to appear, you naturally wonder if you will embrace them or cover them. If you decide to embark on a camouflage operation, first of all, be aware that you can cover them perfectly by dying hair at home. Then, imagine that the mere fact that they are grey is more of a blessing than a curse. Here's why and how you can cover your grey hair.

Coloring your hair come with many benefits, such as giving you shiny and gorgeous hair. Here are five tips to make the most out of your grey hair coverage.

1. Color all your grey hair

First off, raise the veil on the mysteries of the grey hair... In fact, there are none. A grey hair is simply a hair whose melanocytes produce less and less melanin, until they produce no more. There is nothing you can do against this phenomenon except to turn to a good permanent hair dye that ensures total coverage of the greys. This is the case of Nutrisse's nourishing colour cream that covers 100% of grey for a rich hair color and natural appearance.

2. Use nourishing hair care products

Loss of colour is not the only particularity of grey hair. They lose elasticity, they are drier or even brittle. In short, everything that you fear! Counter-attack with a hair colour whose formula contains nourishing ingredients, which is the case of the Nutrisse Colour Cream, enriched with grape seed oils. Nourishing your hair while colouring it, what could be better? Upon rinsing, guarantee the shine of your mane by applying the triple-oil nourishing care, enriched with olive, avocado and shea oils, contained in the box. Then, diligently use shampoos and conditioners designed specifically to protect colour and prolong its beauty and shine.

3. Get natural shades

What if you were told that your grey hair can actually be an asset? Because they are paler they will create a streak effect, naturally adding reflects and attracting the light. Provided you choose the right tone height that will breathe new life into your style. For this hair transformation to be successful, the colour should not differ by more than one or two tones from your natural hair color.

4. Get blonde hair

As skin tends to lighten with age, it is better to follow the same cue with hair colour. Moreover, slightly lightening the shade makes it possible to reduce root maintenance; the colour of the lengths and the colour of the roots present less and less contrast. Many colourists also suggest moving to the blonde, as you age. Coincidentally, Nutrisse blondes are specially designed to reflect the light, thus drawing attention to the beauty of your locks. All you have to do is choose the blonde that best reflects your beauty among the 17 shades available.

5. Play with your grey hair

Your hair is now mostly grey and, far from wanting to hide it, you have decided to embrace it. Don’t hesitate to play with different colouring techniques to showcase them: sun kissed hair, play with streaks one or two tones lighter or ombré. What's important is that it shines!