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5 Pro Tips For at Home Hair Colouring

5 Pro Tips For at Home Hair Colouring

Whether or not a salon appointment is out of reach because of time or money, your hair deserves a beautiful dye job. The good news? It’s never been easier to colour your hair at home with impressive results. With these five secrets, no one will ever know you skipped the colourist’s chair.


1. Give yourself a little “me time”

Coordinating your overbooked schedule with that of your favourite colourist can seem like a losing battle. Instead, make an appointment with your bathroom and a bottle of colour and pamper yourself whenever works for you. Thankfully, Olia has made major technology strides in at-home hair colouring, such as the removal of ammonia. The colouring cream now effectively embeds colour in the heart of the hair fibre without ammonia’s unpleasant odour.


2. Favour gentle formulas activated by oils

To maintain the strength and softness of your mane throughout the colour process, avoid drying ingredients like ammonia and treat your locks with nourishing and hydrating oils. Olia’s formula is made from natural flower oils including sunflower and camellia, which transport colour pigments to the heart of the hair fibre while bringing their nourishing properties to each strand. The result? Brighter colour and hair quality that improves with each application.


3. Choose a formula that won’t wash out

Make that vibrancy and shine last! For long-term benefits, select a permanent formula with no-fade technology. Olia promises long-term colour, even for reds that tend to rinse away, with a new generation of pigments called Carmin Reds™. They offer more accurate and vibrant ruby tones that last at least 22 washings. The formula also protects shine, which further highlights gorgeous colour.


4. Think multi-faceted colour

If your dye job is too uniform, it will look fake and lackluster, but if your colour offers rich, multidimensional tones and luminous shine, you will have professional-looking results. With Olia, you have access to a wide range of hues that have reinvented colouring. Black is no longer just black... it becomes plum black or even ice black. Blondes are not just bright... they have nuance worthy of the greatest Hollywood stars. As for brunettes, they can reinvent themselves with hints of red, mahogany or bronze.


5. Carefully apply the hair colour and treat your hair well

If you follow these simple rules, you will have sublime colour. Just be sure to do an allergy patch test 48 hours before your initial use.


Ready to begin?

- Light some candles and put on your favourite playlist.

- Take your time.

- Use the application tip of the bottle to separate your hair or use a bowl and brush applicator.

- Colour section by section, starting with white or grey patches, which may need extra time to set.

- Follow the directions when it comes to set time—don’t go longer.

- Rinse once or twice to spread the dye on all lengths and to ensure uniform application.

- Use conditioner to make your hair super silky. Repeat once or twice a week with the leftover formula.

- Do not shampoo your hair for 24 to 48 hours after colouring to allow the pigments to take hold.

- Maintain your colour and protect it with treatments for coloured hair. These products often contain UV filters that prevent fading and sun damage.