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5 Reasons Why you Should Use Micellar Water as your Makeup Remover

5 Reasons Why you Should Use Micellar Water as your Makeup Remover

More and more beauty experts and makeup artists are recommending micellar water as a makeup remover. Although this product is suited for all skin types, it is particularly effective for those who have sensitive or dry skin. Here are 5 reasons why you should include micellar water in your skincare routine!

1) No rinse or rubbing required

Like a gentle and efficient cleanser, Micellar water soothes the skin and removes all traces of makeup, without the need to rinsing with harsh tab water (remember, tap water is one of the worst enemies of skin hydration!). This makeup removal solution is also very gentle on the skin, as it removes makeup without the need of rubbing. Those with sensitive skin will know what we mean… Goodbye redness and inflammations!

2) Loved by industry influencers

These features make micellar water a favorite with the best-known makeup artists, such as Lisa Eldridge, who we know in particular for her book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. Sought out by celebrities, the makeup expert and art director has made micellar water one of her products of choice.

Indeed, Lisa stresses the importance of choosing the right product for our skin type – one of the mainstays of her approach as a beauty expert. She suggests using micellar water on all areas of the face, using circular movements with no pressure on the skin. For sensitive skins, Lisa recommends completing your skincare routine by first applying a moisturizer to the entire face, and then a more concentrated product on problem areas, always using circular movements.

3) Fragrance free, alcohol free and oil free

Micellar water is a perfect choice for sensitive, dry and reactive skin, since it removes all traces of makeup as efficiently and gently as possible. Since it contains no fragrance, alcohol or oil, micellar water is a practical, soothing solution for removing tenacious makeup.

4) Gentle yet effective makeup remover for face, eye and lips

The extremely gentle cleansing action is the result of micelles, which, when in a colloidal solution, eliminate impurities while soothing the skin. Note that micellar water’s gentle quality does not affect its effectiveness! It removes makeup from face, lips and eyes. It cleanses the skin gently, without ever having to rub, even with long-wear and waterproof mascaras. The Garnier Micellar Water suits all skin types, may be used on all areas of the face and leaves the skin glowing, without rinsing.

5) An affordable everyday solution

Since makeup removal is a daily occurrence, Garnier’s Micellar Water comes in a convenient 400 ml format. Providing up to 200 wipes, this all-in-one cleanser is an affordable solution for this beauty ritual.

It is no surprise that micellar water continues to increase in popularity! It is the basis of radiant skin, every day.