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5 Steps to Fix Hair Color that Has Been Dyed too Dark

5 Steps to Fix Hair Color that Has Been Dyed too Dark

The risks of dyeing your hair is of course unexpected and unwanted pigmentation from the hair dye. If, unfortunately, your color comes out darker than expected, do not panic! Here are 5 steps to correcting a home hair dye disaster.

1- Bleed the color

The first reflex is to wash the hair to bleed the color. This is actually the go to solution. But before you rush to the bathroom, make sure you have the right product on hand. Forget shampoos for colored hair. Instead, use a classic shampoo or, best of all, a clarifying shampoo. Wash and repeat once or twice if necessary.

2- Wash and wash again

Extend the lightening operation by shampooing your hair daily for about ten days. Your best ally will be a moisturizing or anti-dandruff shampoo – one that is advised not to use on colored hair. To polish, apply a moisturizing mask regularly. With this process, pigments will have difficulty hanging on!

3- Nourish your hair

As soon as you get closer to your original color, let your hair rest. All these shampoos have removed the excess color but also the natural and protective hair oils, sebum. To help your hair regain some balance, treat it with nourishing conditioners or masks for dry, damaged hair. Respect the setting time, or even double it.

4- Learn from your hair mistakes

In the future, follow two very simple rules. One, never choose the box with a color darker than your eyebrows. Two, your next hair color should not be more than two tones away from your natural hair color. If you follow these rules, you will be sure to get a natural-looking hair color.

5- Only recolor when the time comes

There's no need to rush to risk reproducing more mistakes. There are two things you should be mindful of while considering your next hair dye:
- Using a lighter color over your last hair color will not work and will create unnecessary stress to your hair.
- You cannot inflict hair color over hair color on your hair or it may just break. Wait at least one month before dyeing your hair again. Finally, opt for formulas enriched with grape seed oil like Nutrisse Cream, promising long-lasting results. You won’t have to worry about your hair color for eight weeks.