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5 Takes on pink hair

5 Takes on pink hair

Discover 5 shades of pink, and learn how to choose the right one for you

Pink hair is everywhere! Many celebrities and models have been seen with a candy-coloured mane, which made the trend explode. However, not everyone is looking for the typical unicorn hair; some are looking for a more subdued shade. Here are 5 shades of pink that will surely win your heart, and our best tips to maintain a long-lasting, vibrant colour.

One Colour, 5 Takes of Pink Hair

Rose gold is the perfect shade of pink for those with a warm skin tone, thanks to its golden highlights. Ladies who are naturally redheads will especially love this trend. Garnier Olia’s rose gold is also a great hair colour to wear during summer, as the sun will naturally lighten your locks and make your colour shine. Olia’s formulas are powered by 60% oils with no ammonia for visibly improved hair quality and shinier, softer hair.

Got dark hair? No problem! Meet chocolate rose, a rich shade of dark brown with a hint of pink. If your hair is too dark and you can’t achieve a full head, try a balayage; you might have to bleach your hair, but the result will be sensational!

The Rose-Mauve Look

Rose mauve is rose gold’s cool sister. If your skin is naturally fair and on the cooler side, it’s the ideal shade for you. Rose-mauve, which you can obtain with Olia deep violet, looks amazing on darker hair, whether it is as an ombré, a full head or a balayage.

The metallic trend is not just for clothing or accessories! Add a touch of silver to your pink hair to transform it into a daring metallic rose. This look is best achieved when streaks of light pink, platinum and silver are layered; this way, you’ll get a shiny, multidimensional colour.

Dusty rose is a neutral shade of Olia deep rose with a hint of grey. Those with a cool or neutral skin tone will look amazing with this colour. The good news is that dusty rose does not only look good on light hair; brunettes will get a darker, dustier pink, which will look a bit more subtle but just as fabulous!

No Need to Go All-in!

Sure, a full head of pink hair looks totally sensational. But it also requires a lot of commitment, and it’s not for everyone. That’s why there are many different ways to wear pink hair, and that’s what Olia is offering you.

For those who just want a touch of pink and don’t want to commit to maintaining their colour every couple of weeks, a balayage is a fun, low-maintenance alternative. By adding tiny streaks of pink in layers, you’ll get the feel of an all-over look, but without having to redo your colour as often.

Hate doing your roots? Dip-dye is the perfect solution for you! By dyeing only the tip of your hair, you’ll get that pop of colour, without the maintenance and commitment.

And What About Maintenance?

Pink hair is so much fun . . . but it also requires specific care. Make sure to have a good shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, such as Whole Blends Argan Oil & Cranberry products. That being said, you should wash your hair as little as possible, and always rinse it with cold water before getting out of the shower. You should also avoid spending too much time under the sun, as well as swimming in chlorinated water or in the ocean, as this could make your colour fade faster—not ideal if you’re going on vacation, but a must for a long-lasting hair colour!

So, ready to make a change? With the right shade, high-quality products and good habits, having pink hair is now possible, and so easy!

Discover 5 shades of pink, and learn how to choose the right one for you.