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5 Tips for a Have Long Lasting Hair Colour

5 Tips for a Have Long Lasting Hair Colour

You chose your colour, the one that makes your heart and your hair sing? Now, it's about preserving hair color. Here are five tips for a rich, radiant colour that lasts.

1) Preparing for hair coloring

Have you ever read or heard that it was better to apply hair colour on dirty hair? It's a myth. In fact, you should especially ensure that your mane is free of any residues of styling products, makeup (foundation and powder) or pollution particles. These materials could limit or prevent the colour from properly setting. In other words: 24 to 48 hours before, wash your hair so that the pigments penetrate the core of the hair fibre.

2) Choose a vibrant hair color

Note that the more pure a colour, the higher its concentration of dye, the greater the risk of fading. That is why it is better to opt for products with impeccable pigments, which guarantee long lasting results especially if you want to cover your grey hair too. This is the case with Nutrisse's hair colour, flamboyant red and deep violet included. Also make sure to choose formulas that nourish and make the hair shine. Your hair colour will be even more beautiful. For this, look for colour creams that contain oils, such as the seed oil contained in Nutrisse's cream formula.

3) Limit hair wash or go for shampoos for color-treated hair

To keep a bright colour, don’t be too zealous about washing your mane. Wait at least 48 hours after colouring before your next shampoo. This gives your sublime hair colour more time to set to the hair. Opt for a shampoo for colored hair, which preserves the lustre of your colour. After, try to space your washes using a dry shampoo that will absorb the excess sebum.

4) Nourish your coloured hair

Because coloured hair tends to dry out faster than natural hair, arm yourself with suitable products. The difference will be noticeable as to the longevity of the colour, radiance and health of the hair. Use the conditioner in the Nutrisse hair colour boxes. Enriched with avocado, olive and shea oils, it allows the colour to keep all its richness. Then select specific shampoos and conditioners, such as those from the Fructis Color Shield range, whose formula prevents colour fading and dry hair. Also incorporate a hair mask into your care routine on a weekly basis. A treatment that finally guarantees nourished hair that is silky and brilliant!

5) Get a sunscreen for hair

Whether you choose Saint-Martin or Saint-Tropez as your holiday destination, you should have two types of sunscreen in your suitcase: one for your skin and one for your hair. Because UV rays also damage your colour: they lighten it by one or even two tones and make it dull. To avoid this bad scenario, arm yourself with hair sunscreen or products that have UV hair protection.