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6 Reasons Why it’s Time to Convert to Ammonia-Free Hair Color

6 Reasons Why it’s Time to Convert to Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Achieve ultra-shiny, luminous hair by using ammonia-free hair colour enriched with oils.


Did you know that Garnier now has gentle ammonia-free hair colour on the market? And rather than limiting your choice of shades, Garnier’s Olia formula actually has 37 beautiful, bright options. Here are six reasons why you should transition to ammonia-free hair colour.


1. You’ve noticed ammonia’s negative qualities. Not only does ammonia have an unpleasant odour, but it also dries out the hair. Why? Because ammonia opens the hair cuticle to allow pigment to enter, which damages each strand and creates dry, brittle locks.


2. You want lasting results. With its permanent formula, Olia promises vibrant, long-lasting colour. And good news for the faux redheads among us: the new Carmin Red™ pigments hold fast and do not wash out.


3. You like a gentle formula, but it has to work for grey hair. It’s difficult to find an ammonia-free formula that covers grey hair. Thankfully, Olia can cover up to 100 percent of greys.


4. You want bright colour and healthy hair before and after colouring. Dyeing your mane with traditional hair colour means dried-out strands. To offset this inherent effect of colouring, Olia’s formula is made of 60 percent nourishing oils. In addition to offering a better sensory experience, the oil visibly improves hair shine and softness. The result: Your colour is brighter, shinier and longer lasting.


5. Wide colour selection is important to you. Recent technological developments in hair colour now allow high quality at-home shades that were once only reserved for professionals. Olia’s new Carmin Red™ pigments offer a wide variety of reds, from subtle and natural to intense. Meanwhile, the new bronze range provides a unique blend of cool tones (ash and matte) and warm tones (golden), which adapt to different types of brunette and minimize orange undertones. If you prefer ultra-dark colours, you can tint your hair platinum black or dive into deep violet.


6. Beautiful blonde is your main goal. Imagine being able to lighten your hair five to seven shades without ammonia and achieving platinum blonde minus brassiness. It’s now possible with The Garnier Olia Super Blonds Collection.