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8 hacks have healthy hair during winter

8 hacks have healthy hair during winter

Does your hair become dry, brittle and dull when temperatures drop? Follow these 8 steps to help your locks face the cold winter days while staying silky.

1- Reduce the number of hair wash or wash your hair once a week (if possible!)

Why The more you wash your hair, the more you remove its sebum, a natural oil covering the scalp that is produced to nourish and protect your hair.

How By switching to two, or ideally one wash a week and by checking that your hair products are free of drying or aggressive ingredients, such as sulfate and alcohol.

An extra tip To help you space out your washes as much as possible, use a conditioner with lots of nourishing emollients or a dry shampoo.

2- Choose hair care products with vegetable oils and vitamins

Why Coming and going between the inside and the outside and putting on and taking off your hat puts lots of strain on the hair fiber. It needs more care than ever, especially using products that will cover the hair with a protective film and close its cuticles to keep moisture in, avoiding frizzy and dull hair.

How By using natural ingredients such as vegetable oils or butters, such as argan oil for hair, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and more. These nutrients are bursting with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that will restore shine and body to damaged hair.

An extra tip Apply your mask or conditioner during bath time. The steam and heat of your bath will activate blood circulation and the action of the ingredients on your cuticles.

3- Massage your scalp

Why With all the changes in temperature and the chemicals it gets exposed to, the skin on your scalp tends to get dehydrated and itchy, developing flakes and dandruffs.

How By regularly massaging the skin on your head with oil-based treatments (including avocado and coconut oils), you can apply a dose of nutrients to protect the scalp. Moisturizing goals achieved!

An extra tip Winter is the perfect time to use leave-in hair treatments such as leave-in conditioner. With a hat on your head, nobody will suspect a thing.

4- Change the way you blow dry

Why The heat of the hair dryer opens up hair cuticles, which causes dehydration, dryness and frizz.

How By avoiding using heating appliances as much as possible (flat iron and curling iron included). When leaving the shower, gently wring your hair with a towel to absorb as much water as possible. Try not to rub your scalp, since this can irritate your scalp or your hair, leaving you with frizzy, brittle hair.

An extra tip You and your hair dryer are BFFs for life? Then apply a heat protectant product to your hair, adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to the lowest level, use a diffuser and finish with a jet of cold air to close the hair cuticles.

5- Improve your hair brush technique

Why Because by brushing, you don’t just detangle your hair, you break it too. This is made even worse if you brush your hair while it’s still wet.

How By making your movements a little smoother and especially by fully detangling the ends before attacking the roots.

An extra tip Opt for a wide-toothed comb to limit breakage, or use a natural bristle brush to spread the sebum along the entire length of your hair.

6- Cover your hair

Why First of all, it helps keep your body warm. Second, a hat also protects the hair fiber from external aggressors such as the wind and the cold.

How Before putting on your hat, spray some hairspray on your head to create an additional layer of protection against the cold. Choose one with an extra-strong hold if you want to keep your style as much as possible.

An extra tip To prevent your hair from being flattened, place it on the opposite side to that on which you usually separate it. That way, when you remove your hat, you can put your locks back on the usual side and keep your volume.

7- Trim your split ends regularly

Why The longer you wait, the more your hair will split.

How By getting a trim every 6 to 8 weeks, your hair fiber will be easier to comb, which will limit hair breakage, foster growth and give it a healthy hair.

An extra trip Prevent split ends by applying a protective serum or a leave-in treatment based on coconut or avocado oil on your hair regularly.

8- Enrich your diet with food for healthy hair

Why Your intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids is essential to the health and beauty of your skin and hair. The better your diet, the more your body will show it.

How Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as foods rich in fatty acids (fish, nuts) and vitamin E (avocado, coconut, argan oil) that protect the skin from cellular aging, and drink plenty of water.

An extra tip Do a pomegranate, kiwi, orange and apple cleanse. These fruits contain vitamin C, essential for the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and regeneration of skin cells.


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