Tissu Mask ENG04 3 signs that your face mask provides your skin with long lasting hydration Tissu Mask ENG04 3 signs that your face mask provides your skin with long lasting hydration

A Sheet Mask For All Skin Types!

A Sheet Mask For All Skin Types!

Cold weather and bad lifestyle habits can wreak havoc on your skin, while stress and sleep deprivation, which nowadays are almost considered a “normal” part of life, leave your skin dry, dull and rough. It’s time to make your skin a priority, no matter what your skin type is. Now that sheet masks are so popular, there is such a wide variety available that finding a hydrating face mask to suit your skin type is almost as easy as adding it to your skin care routine.

Sheet Masks for Dull Skin

Dull skin and dark spots can bring down more than your skin's glow, they can bring down your mood. Achieving healthy, glowing skin isn’t as difficult as you think! Sheet masks can brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone while reducing dark spots. In addition to these benefits, they are a convenient, quick and easy way to achieve a radiant skin glow. Many ingredients can help brighten tired, dull skin: look for citrus extract, ginseng, pearl powder and vitamin C. Using face masks with skin-brightening ingredients is a quick way to liven up your skin; with continued use, they can even out your skin tone and provide long-lasting moisture.

Sheet Masks for Dry Skin

Hydrating sheet masks provide your face with long-lasting hydration, which is one of the best things we can include in our beauty routine. Humectants like hyaluronic acid help your skin to retain moisture and keep it locked in. Sheet masks are also ideal for dry skin, since their second-skin effect promotes direct contact to help it absorb all the benefits of their ingredients. It’s like a glass of water for your skin!

Sheet Masks for Irritated Skin

Many things can irritate your skin, from allergies to day-to-day stress; sensitive, irritable skin can be a hassle! Natural anti-inflammatory ingredients are a great way to relieve and treat your skin. Masks containing components like Camellia Sinensis and other aloes, as well as green tea products are the perfect at-home treatment to help you relax while soothing your skin.

Sheet Masks for Aging Skin

While a day under the sun may seem like fun, it is very harmful for your face, just like long days at work and late nights out; these can lead to early aging signs, particularly for your face. Starting early to fight signs of aging is an easy addition to your skin care routine. Hydrating face masks with ingredients that help with skin elasticity, firmness and brightening can be a quick dose of youth, no matter your age. Ingredients like pomegranate oil, ginseng, collagen, and retinol can be found in many sheet masks, helping you in your anti-aging mission while adding amazing hydration to your skin at the same time.

Long-lasting skin hydration is within reach of us all even if we don’t realize we need it. Garnier’s SkinActive Moisture Bomb Hydrating Sheet Mask can suit a variety of skin types: dehydrated skin, dry & sensitive skin and normal to combination skin. Now’s the time to find the perfect sheet mask for you!