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Coloring Grey Hair Tips : Correct and Avoid at Home Hair Color Mistakes

Coloring Grey Hair Tips : Correct and Avoid at Home Hair Color Mistakes

As you get older, you should pay more attention to certain details when coloring your hair. Here are all our tips to correct potential hair mistakes while keeping the hair looking young.

What you need to know before you embark on home coloring

● Test a small part of your skin and a strand of hair to make sure you are not allergic to the hair color and that it suits your complexion. Allow 24 hours between the test and the full hair color.
● Avoid silicone-based shampoos that form a sheath on the hair and prevent the color from evenly penetrating the hair fibre and holding well.
● When you buy your hair color, make sure it counters signs of aging hair such as dryness, frizz and stubborn greys. Opt for a nourishing hair color that provides full coverage of grey hair.
● If you have long and thick hair, you should have an extra box so that you do not run out of product and thus ensure a nice uniform color.

Mistakes to avoid for successful anti-aging hair color

There are two possible explanations for a failed home hair color: either you left the product on too long or not long enough, or you chose the wrong hair color shade. If you follow these protocols, your next home coloring is guaranteed to be successful!

● Choosing a hair color that is too dark compared to your natural hair color. It may harden your features.
● Opting for a semi-permanent hair color when you have more than 50% grey hair. If you have a very dark base color and want to lighten your hair, it will not work. The results can turn into a doubtful orange-red.
● Shortening the recommended setting time. You risk having orange reflects and only faintly covering your grey hair.
● Prolonging the prescribed setting time more than 5 minutes. The color will most likely be too dark for your liking.
● Forgetting to massage the color into hair and scalp. This will allow the color to be uniformly distributed over all lengths and to guarantee better coverage.

Our tips to correct at Home Hair Color Mistakes

Despite all the precautions, a mistake has occurred in your home hair coloring? Follow these steps to bring back a more natural hair color:

● For hair color that is too dark, you must bleed the color as quickly as possible. To do this, wash your hair every day for a week and leave the shampoo for two to three minutes. Use a moisturizing or anti-dandruff shampoo, one that is normally not recommended for colored hair.
● Twice a week, apply a hair mask. This will prevent the pigments from permeating the hair.
● For unwanted red or orange reflects, you must reapply a darker hair color to hide them. However, you should wait at least two weeks before you do this, to avoid causing further damage to your hair. (Normally, it takes four to six weeks before you can color again). Do not apply two hair colors during a single weekend or you will risk drying out your hair, which contributes to hair damage.