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How To Choose the Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone and Age?

How To Choose the Best Hair Colour for your Skin Tone and Age?

You are ready to color your hair, but the multitude of products in the aisles leave you puzzled? To choose a hair color for your skin tone and age, ask yourself the following 4 questions.

1- Do you want to cover grey hair?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. What do you want? Unveil your silver hair to the world or camouflage it? If your answer is to camouflage, rate your percentage of grey hair. If it is above 60%, you will want products that guarantee a 100% coverage of grey because you wouldn't want to end up with some grey strands on your temples after you finish coloring.
As you age, your hair turns grey and it adopts a coarser texture that makes it harder to cover with hair dye. That is why it is necessary to opt for a hair color whose pigments are adapted and designed to overcome stubborn greys. Nutrisse formula offers a higher concentration of dyes, which will more easily penetrate the hair, resulting in more pigmentation. To find these formulas, look for colors that end with double zeros, such as no. 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800. These formulas not only contain more pigment, but also nourishes the hair to fight signs of aging such as dryness and stubborn grey hairs.

2- Do you want a natural hair color or a new look?

In recent years, technological advances in hair color are such that almost everything is possible. So it all depends on your taste, your desire for change and the time you have. If you are looking for a more natural hair color, follow these advice from our color expert. - Do not run away from the natural. All the pros confirm that the more natural the hair color, the easier it is to maintain. For Roger Medina, color expert for Garnier, if you have a few grey hairs to cover, stick with dark or light chestnut. If more than half your hair is grey, you can opt for a lighter color. As a general rule, your choice of hair color should not be more than two tones away from your natural color.
- Take into account that with age, features tend to intensify and skin tends to become lighter. Forget hair colors that are too dark and look for bright colors.
- Trust the color rendering on the boxes as they give you an idea of what the results will be.

3- Is your complexion warm or cool?

The secret to successful hair color is simple: it must compliment and highlight your complexion.
- If your skin is slightly pink with some redness, you have a cool complexion. Opt for beige, ash or neutral colors. The hair color number you need ends with a 0 or a 1.
- If your skin peach or olive colored, you have a warm complexion. Opt for golden, caramel or mahogany colors. The hair color number your need ends with a 3, a 4 or a 5.

4- Do you want your hair to be more beautiful after your coloring?

There has been a lot of innovation in hair color. Hair dyes now contain ingredients with nourishing oils that make the hair look healthier, giving it a natural shine. Just as you invest in a quality handbag, you must also invest in quality hair dyes and choose ones with nourishing ingredients and long lasting pigments. Follow these tips, and you will have the peace of mind for 6 to 8 weeks.