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Tap Water, Hard Water or Micellar Water? Why a Healthy, Cleansed Skin Needs Micellar Water

Tap Water, Hard Water or Micellar Water? Why a Healthy, Cleansed Skin Needs Micellar Water

Tap water, hard water or micellar water? Why a healthy, cleansed skin needs micellar water

While splashing your face with tap water, also known as hard water, may be refreshing, it isn’t such a good idea when it comes to cleansing it. So what’s the best option for removing your makeup? Micellar water.

Why washing your face with tap water/hard water is not a good idea

Why exactly is micellar water better for your face than tap water? First of all, tap water contains metals and chemicals such as copper, zinc, nickel and chlorine. These ingredients not only irritate hypersensitive and rosacea-prone skin, but clogs the pores of all skin types. Moreover, water on its own cannot remove makeup off; you need to add a soap or a strong makeup remover, which can sometimes be too harsh on your skin.

It may seem contradictory, but hard water is one of the worst enemies of your skin’s natural moisture barrier, since strips away the skin’s natural oils. This is why you get this itchy, dry and tight feeling after washing your face. Plus, if you have to remove waterproof or long lasting mascara or eye makeup, you’ll have to rub your sensitive eye area, which lead to further irritation and skin harming. By taking your makeup off, you are putting your skin at risk every single night.

Garnier’s Micellar Water, the gentle solution

This is the biggest advantage of Garnier Micellar Water; no need to rub the skin or to add tap water. Only one gentle wipe of this makeup removing solution on your skin, and voilà! The sticky makeup and excess sebum disappears, while your skin’s natural oils and protective moisture barrier stay in place.

PH-balanced skin for a healthy glow

A pH balanced skin is a healthy, resilient skin. Everything stays connected, because the balance is never lost. When the skin is in its natural, balanced state, it is resilient towards environmental stresses and attacks. To restore the skin’s original balance, just wipe it gently with micellar water, and you are good to go.

A truly natural skincare routine starts with the softness of micellar water. Your skin finds its natural state, it can breathe freely, without irritation. Its natural glow improves every time, as all traces of makeup and impurities are removed from the pores within a few seconds, with the skin’s moisture barrier intact. This is the greatest difference between tap water and micellar water: micellar water is specially designed for a healthy, balanced and radiant skin.