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The 3 Major Benefits of Natural Oil-Infused Hair Color

The 3 Major Benefits of Natural Oil-Infused Hair Color

When it comes to caring for our skin, we sing the praises of oils. We should do the same when discussing oil-activated hair colour, because a colour cream that integrates oils has three fantastic benefits.


1. Oil-activated hair colour is gentle

Don’t worry about stripping your natural hair colour or damaging your strands. Treatment after treatment, more than seven out of 10 women noticed a 35 percent improvement in the softness of their hair when using Olia’s flower oil–infused technology.


2. Oil-activated hair colour visibly improves hair shine

Natural flower oils in Olia’s hair colour provide cosmetic effects that visibly enhance the hair, providing three times the shine and guaranteeing excellent colour expression. The more your hair shines, the more the subtle undertones in your colour will appear. As a bonus, these oils reinvent the at-home colour experience with their sumptuous floral scent minus the unpleasant odour of ammonia.


3. Oil-activated hair colour encourages multi-dimensional undertones

Uniform hair colour lacks dimension, whereas the most brilliant, natural-looking colour contains subtle undertones that reflect in the light and enhance your complexion and eyes. By using the Olia line, you can have quality undertones that are as beautiful and varied as those created by a professional colourist.


These tips will help you find the perfect undertones for you:

- If you want a pure colour, look for natural undertones as indicated by the number .0 at the end of your colour’s box number—6.0, for example.

- Do you want to neutralize the gold in your blonde hair or tone down orange in your brown? Look for ash, which is marked by the number .1.

- Get opalescent tones to liven up your brown or calm down your blonde with .2

- For a beachy mane, try number 3 for golden undertones that will warm up your colour.

- Are you flirting with the idea of warm tones like coppers, spicing up your colour with auburn tones or passionately embracing the red trend? Try .4, .5 or .6, respectively.

- For the shiniest black, use the luminous 2P Black Platinum.

- Lastly, if you are thinking of indulging in the bronde trend, look for bronze undertones (.9), which are revolutionizing the brunette family.