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What is your ideal red hair color?

What is your ideal red hair color?

Spice up your mane with a beautiful shade of red that’s fun and flattering.

Copper, raspberry, auburn, ginger, cherry, ruby and burgundy: The list of fantastic red hair hues is practically endless. But there’s a misconception that only fair-skinned, blue- and green-eyed women can pull of a fiery head of hair. Not so! No matter your skin tone, eye colour or base hair colour, there is a red that will work for you.

Choosing a shade

When finding the red that will suit your tastes, you first have to decide if your goal is to turn heads while looking stylish and trendy, or if you want to appear as though you were born with flaming red locks.

  1. You want to look trendy

The world of red hair is your oyster. Try dip dye, ombré, highlights or an intense red (think ruby, raspberry, mahogany or red velvet). In this case, your hair will act like an eye-catching accessory and you should flaunt it in the exact same way you would a fun-fur coat or hot pink handbag.

Try Nutrisse Ultra Color in 760 Ultra Red or 764 Intense Red Copper.

  1. You want to look natural

Find a colour that suits your skin tone. If your skin is fair with neutral undertones (rather than pink or yellow), you can pull off just about any shade of red. If you have fair or medium skin with pink undertones, try a vibrant orange-red, while a soft ginger or brownish copper suits those with fair or medium skin and yellow or olive undertones. Those with medium skin look best if their hair is a little darker at the roots to add separation between their skin and mane. If your skin is dark, allow yourself to pick unnatural cool hues like blue-based cherry and deep wine or berry. While they’ll never exactly look like they grow that way, they’ll flatter your skin.

Try Nutrisse Ultra Color in 350 Sweet Cherry or 260 Black Cherry.

Your natural hair colour is dark

Dark hair is the hardest colour to transition to vibrant red, but with the intensity-enhancing technology of Nutrisse Ultra Color™, it’s possible to achieve even bright cherry red thanks to Carmin R molecules that are formulated to create high intensity reds that resist fading, even after 22 washes. The rich colour cream seals the pigments deep within the hair fibre and creates ultra-long-lasting hold and shine.

Try Nutrisse Ultra Color in 462 Tempting Raspberry.

Tips for maintaining vibrant red hair

Since the molecules in red hair dye are so tiny, they fade the quickest. Follow these tips for long-lasting colour.

1. Wash your hair less (dry shampoo is your new best friend), and when you do wash, use warm (not hot!) water.

2. Use a shampoo and conditioner made for colour-treated hair such as Fructis Color Shield.

3. Wear a hat or use a hair product with a UV filter to protect your strands from the sun’s rays.