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Why natural is always better

Why natural is always better

Covering your grey hairs is all well and good, but it defeats the purpose if everyone can tell from a mile away that the color isn’t natural. In fact, the #1 result desired by women when dyeing their hair is natural-looking color. Follow these tips at home and you’ll look totally natural with a multi-tonal and nourished hair. Easy peasy.

1. Keep your skin tone in mind

Skin tone plays an important role in finding the hair colors that will suit you. Those with golden, peach, yellow or olive complexion will find warm hair colors flattering. Think golden blondes or auburn browns. Then there are women with cool or pink undertones, who should opt for cooler hair colors such as ash blonde or purple-tinged red.

2. Stay close to your natural shade

Stick to within two shades of your natural hair color, in terms of light or dark, as the hair you were born with will usually complement your complexion. Go too dark and your natural skin color will look washed out, and vice-versa.

3. Apply color starting at the back of your head

The longer you leave hair dye on your head, the more it absorbs and the darker your hair gets. Since the sun tends to lighten the areas around the face, you’ll create a more natural gradient if you start at the back (where your hair should be darkest) and work to the front (where your hair should be lightest).

4. Don’t pull your color through to the ends every time

You may be tempted to pull your hair dye through from roots to ends at every root touch-up, but that technique will make your ends go darker and darker with each application (when naturally, the ends should lighten with the sun over time). If you have visible roots, only color your roots and approximately one inch past the re-growth line. And it’s not just a natural appearance that’s better. Natural ingredients are better, too. Garnier Nutrisse Cream features grape-seed oil, which nourishes the hair while it colors, allowing the color to shine through as it does in its natural, pre-colored state—all the while promising 100 percent grey coverage. The accompanying nourishing triple-oil conditioner enriched with avocado, olive and shea oils provide rich nourishment to protect your hair against dryness until the next time you color.

Wondering where to start? Choose from this range of natural Nutrisse Cream shades.

Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Natural Soft Black 20
Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Natural Darkest Brown 30
Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Natural Dark Brown 40

Medium Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Natural Brown 50
Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Light Natural Brown 60
Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Dark Natural Blonde 70

Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Medium Natural Blonde 80

And if you’re still not convinced, check out these Life Lessons: Natural is Better videos. [LINK]