Catch the Dip Dye Wave with Ultra Color

Catch the Dip Dye Wave with Ultra Color

So you're ready for a dip dye? Here's everything you need to catch the new wave.

Among the latest hair trends that have become all the rage for stars like Vanessa Hudgens or Rihanna, dip dye is leading the way. The idea for this look is simple: roots keep their natural colour, but the lengths and tips are dyed a contrasting colour, such as blue or red. This is the principle behind the ombré effect, but using bright colours.

How to choose the right colour

Are you hesitating between vibrant red and blue-black? Colourist Roger Medina, hair expert for Garnier, gives a simple answer: base your choice on the colour of your skin.

  • Do you have dark skin? Opt for cold colours, such as blues and deep purples.
  • Do you have fair skin? Choose warm tones, such as reds and coppers.

It's information that's good to know before changing your hair colour

  • Always, always, always buy two boxes of haircolour. It would be a shame if you were halfway through the process only to discover you needed more haircolour.
  • Cover your shoulders with a bath towel and protect your bathroom counter to limit any mess.
  • It's easy to apply the product like a pro. Roger Medina suggests separating the hair into two ponytails, one low and one high. Use elastic bands to keep the ponytails in place. Gently brush your hair to make it easier to apply the colour. Next, apply the shade of your choice on the tips and lengths of the hair.

Maintaining the vibrance of the dip dye

Maintaining the vibrance of your haircolour is easier than you think.

First, by choosing quality products, you ensure that the pigments penetrate into the core of the hair fibre and that the colour does not wash out too quickly. This was especially difficult to do for red tones outside a salon. It is now possible with the red collection developed by Ultra Color, based on Carmin R™, which resists 22 washings.

Second, shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair, such as those in the Fructis Color Shield line, are formulated specifically to protect colour pigments and highlights. Why deny yourself?

Third, colouring dries out and dehydrates the hair. Therefore, give your mane ingredients recognized for their emollient and nutritional qualities. In fact, the Ultra Color formula contains avocado and olive oils, as well as shea butter.