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Everything you Need to Know Before Covering your Grey Hair

Everything you Need to Know Before Covering your Grey Hair

Covering Grey Hair: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting

Is this the first time you’re colouring your grey hair? Find out all you need to know to cover your grey hair like a pro and start your home hair colouring story with success.

Think about doing a test

Whether it’s to cover grey hair or to change your look, it is important to do two tests prior to dyeing your own hair.
- An allergy test. At least 24 hours before, apply a little colour on your forearm to make sure you don’t have adverse reactions to the formula.
- A colour test. Take a strand from the centre of your mane (to make it less noticeable) and apply the hair dye. You will see how your hair responds to the colour of your dreams.

Inquire about the enemy: grey hair

Grey hair is simply when melanocytes cells in our body produce less and less melanin – pigment that gives our hair and skin its color – due to age, genetics or life events. Despite the general panic around aging and having white hair, there are at least some benefits.

First, you know exactly how the colour will turn out. It's like when you apply paint to a white wall. The result doesn't lie.
Second, your grey hair will look paler than your normal hair colour. Rest assured, it's a rather positive thing that you get streaks as it will give your hair a more multidimensional look.

Choose the right formula: permanent or semi-permanent hair colour

How much grey hair you have will determine what type of hair colour you need to buy. Do you have more than 50% white hair? Choose a permanent hair colour. If you are prone to stubborn greys, choose a formula that will guarantee 100% coverage, like Nutrisse Cream. And when in doubt, always buy two boxes. It would be a shame to complete half the application and to run out of hair colour. You can never be too cautious.

Do not underestimate the power of a good application

The more thorough you are, the more beautiful results you will get.
- Take your time when it comes to covering your greys and proceed by starting on a section where you have the most grey.
- Do not hesitate to prolong the setting time to increase the covering power of your hair dye.
- When rinsing, use your emulsion. Massage your hair as if you wanted to lather it. This allows the colour to penetrate as it should and to spread it well over the entire length of the hair.
- Wait at least two days before your next shampoo to allow time for the dyes to penetrate the core of the hair fibre.

Know how to maintain your colour and start again at the right time

- When buying your hair colour, choose quality products with long-lasting effect so you will only colour your hair when necessary – every six to eight weeks.
- Opt for shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair. Their formulas contain filters that prevent colour fading, guarantee its radiance and keep the hair hydrated and shiny.
- Don’t miss a chance to pamper your hair. Use and trust moisturizing masks or conditioners like the one provided in Nutrisse hair colour box, enriched with avocado, olive and shea oils. Use without moderation.

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