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Garnier Full and Plush: visibly fuller hair

Garnier Full and Plush: visibly fuller hair

Let’s face it: fine, flat hair can often look lifeless and boring. For naturally thin hair, it can be difficult to find products that can make your hair look thicker. Most importantly, how can you make this appearance of thickness and volume stay throughout the day? Fine hair can be unruly, more prone to static and flyways, and harder to manage. It is thus it’s important to seek out shampoos and conditioners that are exclusively designed to strengthen thin locks.

Looking for DIY voluminous locks without going to the hair salon?

Garnier’s new paraben-free Fructis Full & Plush products – featuring shampoo, conditioner, and Voluptuous Blowout treatment – are fortified with Pomegranate to add volume to hair strand by strand for a healthy looking thickness and a plush softness with natural fluid movement.

Benefits of pomegranate: tiny seeds, big results

Don’t be fooled by its tiny, unassuming exterior: despite a small shell, pomegranate seeds are bursting with nutrients and antioxidant properties. Extracted from pomegranates grown in the Azores islands – a plush, green region of Portugal – Fructis pomegranate extract is obtained through a delicate water-based extraction process to preserve its natural, precious actives. Rich in protein and fruit acids (AHAs) – which are known for their ability to strength hair fibers – pomegranate is also rich in polyphenol and tannin, known for their powerful antioxidant properties.

Add volume to your hair with Full & Plush

Did you know? Hair diameter actually changes over time. That’s why it’s important to always take note of how your hair looks and feels – it’s constantly changing, so you may need to switch up your product line to treat a new problem area such as thinning hair.

Using Garnier’s new paraben-free Fructis Full & Plush products – including shampoo, conditioner, and Voluptuous Blowout treatment, designed to create fullness, body and shape that lasts with 450 degree heat protection – hair will look voluminous, healthy, and naturally plush. Featuring Pomegranate extract to naturally treat and strengthen lifeless locks, our proven strength system will pump up the volume – so you’ll look and feel like you just had a beautiful blow out, every single day.