How to Maintain Vibrant Colour?

How to Maintain Vibrant Colour?

Do you love your red highlights or dip dye? Yes, but how can you keep your colour vibrant and bright for as long as possible? Follow the guide.

Does your colour start to fade a few days after colouring? To keep the radiance longer, simply take the right steps and choose better products.

Before colouring

  • Prepare your hair. Since your hair will tend to dry out when coloured, pamper yourself with nourishing and hydrating products, like masks or conditioners containing emollients such as vegetable oils (avocado, coconut, argan oil, etc.).
  • Use a clarifying shampoo 24 to 48 hours before colouring. It deeply cleans your hair, which will allow the colouring pigments to better penetrate the hair fibres.

After colouring

  • Avoid hair dryness by using the conditioner in the colouring box. Rich in olive and avocado oils, as well as shea butter, this treatment will make your hair bright and silky.
  • Wait at least 48 hours before shampooing for the first time, in order to allow the colour pigments time to penetrate.
  • Choose shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair, such as the Fructis Color Shield line. They help prevent the colour from fading and dulling too quickly.
  • Rinse your hair in cold water. Brrr! Yes, it is easier said than done! This being said, cold water closes the hair’s cuticle layer, which seals in the colour in the hair fibre and ensures radiance for as long as possible.
  • Stay away from heating tools, such as flat or curling irons, which dry out the hair fibres.
  • Avoid hairspray: it often contains alcohol, which is highly dehydrating. Instead, use heat protective formulas that will not adversely affect your colour.