The Perfect Beauty Regimen for Summer Hair

The Perfect Beauty Regimen for Summer Hair

Do you change your beauty routine when summer comes around? Good for you! But you should also change up your hair routine when temperatures rise. Here are five tips to put your hair in summer mode.

1. Change your hair rituals

Decrease the number of washes, which dehydrate your hair, and switch your shampoo for a conditioner half the time. Also, don’t forget to use a hair mask, which you should choose for its repairing, hydrating and nourishing qualities. If you can, use dry shampoo to space out your washes as much as possible.

 2. Don't be seduced by your hair straightener

If you’re obsessed with banishing frizz, resist using your flat iron and hair dryer to make it disappear. Far from solving your problem, the use of heating appliances will only make the situation worse, since heat dehydrates the hair fiber, making it frizz even more. On the contrary, it's time to accept your curls and find a nourishing serum that will help you tame those crazy locks.

 3. Give more freedom to your hair

Say goodbye to the strict bun, too-tight elastics and millions of hairpins. Browse Pinterest to get inspired to make laid-back braids, buns and ponytails.

4. Trim your ends

Did you know that summer is the season when your hair is most prone to splitting? Trimming the ends will update your style, as well as removing damaged and dry locks, which may split further along the whole length of the hair.

5. Treat yourself to a new capillary diet

Foods rich in protein and fatty acids, such as eggs, fish and nuts, are as good for your body as well as for your hair. Focus on avocados, coconut oil and other natural ingredients.