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Ombrelle® Face and Ultra Light Advanced are weightless Body and Face Lotions offering UVA-UVB protection with a matte finish.

With advanced technology for an ultra light texture, these lotions are quickly absorbed and leave a comfortable matte finish. Offering waterproof protection, lotions in this range are ideal for combination and oily skin. All of our Face and Ultra Light Advanced lotions are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance and colorant free.

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Ombrelle Face Sunscreen: Find Your Sun Protection

Can you use body sunscreen on face?

Sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin against UV rays. When shopping for sun protection, you may have noticed the amount of different products available, and it can be very confounding. Gone are the days where you would simply go to the store and get a basic suntan lotion with high SPF. Tinted facial sun cream anyone? Sun care brands now offer lighter textures, long-lasting protection and formulas developed for different skin types. When buying sun protection products, you should always keep in mind your skin type. Sunscreen for sensitive skin would be gentler and formulated with non-irritating ingredients, while people with oily skin should stay away from thick formulas. As for your body and your face, it is recommended to use different sun creams. While using body sunscreen on your face is not great, it's not the end of the world. It will still protect your skin against UV rays. The reason your face deserves a special treatment is because the skin is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. It is more sensitive and some skins are prone to breakouts. Facial sunscreens are usually designed to be lighter and to be easily absorbed by the skin. Sun protection especially dedicated for your face can also enhance your skin, with features such as a matte finish or a tint. Also keep in mind that facial sunscreen is particularly useful… all year long! It would be wrong to think about using sun cream only on summer days, at the beach or by the pool. The UV rays are still harmful in the wintertime, even on cloudy days. Think about applying sunscreen every morning before your makeup. You can fight premature skin aging and maintain a healthy looking skin with Ombrelle’s best sunscreen for your face. Try our Ultra Light Advanced SPF 60 and worry no more about the harmful UV rays.



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