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Root Touch Up Tips : How to Cover Grey Roots Perfectly

Root Touch Up Tips : How to Cover Grey Roots Perfectly

All women who color their grey hair know: two to three weeks after applying hair color, you already need a root touch up. You may not be able to prevent hair from growing but you can find tips to camouflage the grey roots and regain the uniformity of your hair color until the next hair dye.

Get perfect grey coverage and natural root touch up

Did you use the Nutrisse Colour Cream, specially formulated to give your hair a rich, radiant and healthy looking colour, while covering 100% of grey hair, even the most stubborn of greys?

Not only can the result last up to 6 weeks, but it will help you to obtain a natural result on hair roots. What is essential is to choose exactly the same colour and respect the setting time. Note that as this cream is enriched with grape seed oil, it nourishes as much as it colours your hair. So, your hair is brighter and your colour continues to look radiant, week after week.

Want to discover different ways to camouflage your roots? Watch our root touch up tutorial video.

The ABCs of root touch up

• Be sure to follow the "Touch-up Application" instructions.
• Before applying the hair color on roots, soak your lengths in oil to protect them from the pigments that you will deposit on your roots.
• The hair color tends to extend beyond the area of application, so it is better not to put too much. The product will slide just enough to blend with the rest of your hair.
• Apply the hair color section by section and on the temples
• Do not skip the rinsing step: emulsify the roots gradually with a little water, for two to three minutes, so that the product does not bleed too much along the length of the hair. Then, apply a second emulsion if desired and rinse until the water becomes clear.
• It is important to nourish color-treated hair. Use and trust the triple-oil conditioner contained in the Nutrisse hair colour boxes. Enriched with olive, avocado and shea oils, it nourished the hair deeply while allowing the hair to retain a rich and deep colour.

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